The Other Side of the Robin Edgar Story

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Why does Robin Edgar have it out for anyone who is Unitarian Universalist?  Why does he expend so much time and energy lashing out not only on his blog, but every UU blog he can find?  If you read his account, he is the victim of “repeated injustices, abuses and hypocrisies” starting with Reverend Ray Drennan poo-pooing his religious experience, then the Unitarian Church of Montreal, and finally every single UU he’s complained to.

Well, the Montreal church has it’s own side of the story, which has been posted elsewhere.  Here’s a copy:

The withdrawal of Mr. Edgar’s membership from the Unitarian Church of Montreal was not motivated by his religious beliefs, but by his disruptive and aggressive behavior towards the members of this congregation. His inappropriate behaviour has continued for more than ten years. He was brought before a Disruptive Behavior Committee, where over the next three years attempts were made to have him moderate his unacceptable behaviours. He would agree to proposed solutions and then go on as before. He was repeatedly warned that failure to comply with what he had agreed to do would result in serious consequences. Over this period, he was suspended from participation in Church life for six months. Unfortunately, upon his return his behaviour worsened and he was suspended for an additional year. Again when he returned, his inappropriate behaviour continued. Finally in November 1999, at a meeting of the full congregation, during which he spoke on his own behalf, a congregational vote was taken and his membership was revoked. This decade long process, during which sincere attempts were made by the congregation to negotiate a solution, ended when it became clear that he had no intention of ceasing his disruptive and aggressive behaviours. It should be noted that Reverend Ray Drennan did apologise, in person, on more than one occasion. However, this did not meet with Mr Edgar’s satisfaction. Mr. Edgar has redressed his grievances to whomever he has seen fit, be it the UAA, CUC, etc., and his complaint to the Quebec Human Rights Commission in 2002 was summarily dismissed as being without merit. Mr Edgar continues to picket the church in the futile belief that the Church will act. Reverend Drennan is no longer the minister as he left to follow his own life’s journey some years ago; and the church has simply moved on.

Additionally, the new minister of the Montreal church, Reverend Diane Rollert filed for a restraining order against Robin Edgar, which the Montreal court saw fit to grant.  Still he pickets, rants and lashes out at UUs everywhere.

Robin Edgar wants people to believe that he’s the eternal victim.  Read for yourself, and judge him by his fruits.

  1. Thanks for making this info available.

  2. A title like “Robin Edgar Sucks” plays into his role as the victim. This is a pretty good post, if folks want to understand Robin there are other great examples out there. A title like “Robin Edgar Explained” would be my suggestion.

  3. Please, please continue to push the Montreal UU church’s position on this. It should be made clear that Robin Edgar is simply determined to be miserable for the rest of his life, people are not allowed to say “no Robin, you can’t act like a petulant child around here” (God only knows how his mother dealt with him when he was a young kid; doesn’t he realize that his current behavior reflects poorly on how he was raised), the man desperately needs a shrink, just about ANY church would have thrown him out for the behavior I understand he displayed in church (come on, spitting into the bowl at the Water Communion service…imagine spitting into the Communion wine at a Catholic or Episcopal church), etc etc.

    Gad zooks – my friend’s toddler behaves better than he does.

  4. As a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, I can say this, I see him as an annoyance to be tolerated. Let him rant it is his right, he is unwelcome and he will NEVER be contacted to negotiate his return to our church. Should that ever happen the members would use the bylaws to call a general assembly in order to surrender our charter, to sell the building, and to give the monies to charity.

  5. Putting his spit in the water communion wasn’t the worst part. I could forgive someone making this error. The real issue that was demonstrated by this is that he did not apologize himself afterwords. When people pointed out to him that it was not appropriate behavior he should have apologized, explained himself and said it wouldn’t happen again. Instead he tries to argue that what he did was acceptable, and persuade people to see it his way. The bottom line being that he really does not care about the community. He just wants people to accept his version of the truth.

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