UU A Way of Life: What Happened, eh?

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2009 at 2:17 am

Most UU bloggers have either banned Robin Edgar for his insulting attacks, or post his comments in the desperate hope that he won’t attack them (at least too much)

On the blog “UU A Way of Life” there used to be a post titled: “Why I Support Robin Edgar” where he lauded the so-called Emerson Avenger for “speaking truth to power”

Notice we said used to be a post.  Do a search and click on the link and … Blogspot says it no longer exists!

So, tell us, David.  Did you have a change of heart?  Not that this is surprising.  After all, this ain’t the first time that Robin Edgar has bitten the hand that tried to feed him.

In a later post, he then wonders why people “hate” Robin Edgar.  Well, we can’t speak for every victim of his bullying, but we wouldn’t describe how we feel towards him as hate.  Pity, perhaps, for years of wasted energy.  Fed up, definitely.  Even amused, and we know that some are out and out afraid of him, the same way any stalking victim would be afraid.

So, you don’t hate Robin Edgar.  Do you still support him?  If so, why is that post gone?  If not, then maybe you should clarify.

  1. Robin acts like he’s the first and only person to ever be treated poorly by clergy.

    Hah. Maybe he should whine about his problems to some small child who was molested by a Catholic priest (and then said priest being moved to a new diocese once the news broke, with no legal or ecclesiastical recourse for the family whatsoever). I’m sure the kid’s family will have ALL KINDS of sympathy for Robin because he got snarked by a UU pastor. NOT.

    Geez. Edgar needs to get some freakin’ perspective already.

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