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Robin Edgar: Injustice Collector?

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We just received this as a comment, but thought it deserved to be a post in its own right.  Definitely worth reading and thinking about. Thank you to the person who sent it in.

I used to follow Robin’s blog but then stopped after I couldn’t stand reading all the bitterness.  He has it out for so many people, some of whom have even been trying to HELP him.  It stuck in my head, tho, what is WRONG with this guy???

Then I read an article by psychologist Mark Sichel, who points to a type of personality called an Injustice Collector.  His criteria fit Robin to a T.  Here they are, compare with his whole writing and acting out.

  1. Injustice collectors are never wrong. How is it possible that they are never wrong? It’s simple: They are always right. 
  2. Injustice collectors never apologize. Ever. For anything.
  3. Injustice collectors truly believe they are morally and ethically superior to others and that others seem incapable of holding themselves to the same high standards as the injustice collector does.
  4. Injustice collectors make the rules, break the rules and enforce the rules of the family. They are a combination of legislator, police, judge and jury to those they consider their subjects. They forever banish from their kingdom any subject they deem disloyal, and only grant clemency if there is sufficient contrition.
  5. Injustice collectors never worry about what is wrong with them as their “bad” list grows. Their focus is always on the failings of others.
  6. Injustice collectors are never troubled by the disparity between their rules for others and their own expectations of themselves. Injustice collectors rationalize their own behavior with great ease and comfort.
  7. Injustice collectors have an external orientation; the problem always exists in the world, outside of themselves, and in their view, the world would be an acceptable place if their rules and standards were followed at all times.
  8. Injustice collectors do not have a capacity for remorse or guilt.
  9. Injustice collectors scoff at the idea of therapy, therapists, self-help books, and other tools used by people who struggle to live with them.
  10. The phrase “walking on eggshells” describes life with an injustice collector.

Our only misgiving?  No answer about how to deal with an “injustice collector”. Any ideas?

Robin Edgar’s Idea of Communion

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One of our readers sayss that when Robin Edgar was still attending the Montreal church, when they held a water communion, he spit in the communion bowl.

We thought it only fair to give his side of the story, from his blog.  His version is that he put his finger in his mouth to coat it with his saliva, then stuck his finger in the bowl and stirred it to mix his ‘personal water’ with the water brought by others.  In his mind, this was perfectly appropriate behavior (or at least ‘proves’ that the other person was ‘lying’).

Can you imagine his idea of the ‘justice’ he keeps demanding for himself?

Robin Edgar: Poster Child for Grudging Obsession

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People keep telling Robin Edgar to get over his obsession (now going on two decades) and move on with his life.  He insists he’s not obsessed and that he has moved on.  Then he spends hours online lashing out at UUs everywhere, then Sundays picketing the Montreal church.

Recently another blogger posted about celebrity endorsement for dog food.  Robin Edgar’s response?  Reworking a movie poster to lash out at five UUs. See for yourself.

Robin Edgar and the Knoxville Shooting

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One of our readers sent us the following observation:

“Consider also how RE responded to the shootings at the Tennessee Valley UU Church.  He was silent for over six months, only to respond by quoting the allegation from the attacker’s letter that UU’s hated him and all conservatives. His only condemnation of the attack was more like an afterthought, as if to say ‘yeah, shooting people is wrong but they provoked him.'”

All this while the UUA sent trauma counselors to minister to TVUUC, and other UUs mourned and grieved and sent their own condolence and prayers.  We have searched on the web since we got this, and we can’t find anything to contradict it.

Robin Edgar keeps saying he doesn’t hate UUs, he’s just against the “bad” ones.  If this is the only way he could respond to such a tragedy, then we have to wonder if he has any feelings for UUs, other than contempt.

Robin Edgar’s Denials

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Robin Edgar loves to accuse Unitarian Universalists of denial and hypocrisy.  How about his own denials?

 He says he’s not obsessed with UUs, and that he’s only against what he considers unethical behavior by UUs.  So why does he insert “U*U” everywhere he can, even the most trivial and irrelevant?  Why only negative visions of UUs?  Why whenever someone questions or criticizes him, he jumps to the conclusion they are UU?

 He says he’s not a stalker.  What do you call picketing a church for ten years, demanding that they meet with him?  Why the relentless emails, letters, Youtube videos (oh, right, “U*U Tube”) and lengthy and multiple comments on other people’s blogs?  Why does he spend so much time tracking down anonymous commenters, so he can “expose” and harass them?  We are even aware of one case where he released confidential medical information in an attempt to discredit someone.

He also denies being a bully.  This from someone who threatens bloggers who moderate their comments with retribution if they refuse to publish his comments.  Not to mention the insults and name-calling, harassment and attacks.  Or his falsely accusing another blogger of plagiarizing him.

Robin Edgar wants people to think his is a crusade against “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.”  We would suggest that the best place to start is in his own house.