Robin Edgar’s Denials

In Uncategorized on January 1, 2010 at 6:30 am

Robin Edgar loves to accuse Unitarian Universalists of denial and hypocrisy.  How about his own denials?

 He says he’s not obsessed with UUs, and that he’s only against what he considers unethical behavior by UUs.  So why does he insert “U*U” everywhere he can, even the most trivial and irrelevant?  Why only negative visions of UUs?  Why whenever someone questions or criticizes him, he jumps to the conclusion they are UU?

 He says he’s not a stalker.  What do you call picketing a church for ten years, demanding that they meet with him?  Why the relentless emails, letters, Youtube videos (oh, right, “U*U Tube”) and lengthy and multiple comments on other people’s blogs?  Why does he spend so much time tracking down anonymous commenters, so he can “expose” and harass them?  We are even aware of one case where he released confidential medical information in an attempt to discredit someone.

He also denies being a bully.  This from someone who threatens bloggers who moderate their comments with retribution if they refuse to publish his comments.  Not to mention the insults and name-calling, harassment and attacks.  Or his falsely accusing another blogger of plagiarizing him.

Robin Edgar wants people to think his is a crusade against “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.”  We would suggest that the best place to start is in his own house.

  1. If you can do this while respecting Robin’s victim’s privacy, could you tell us more about the release of the confidential medical information? Who on earth would trust Robin enough to give it to him in the first place?

  2. We cannot divulge more w/out violating privacy, and neither we nor the victim know how he got all of the information. From what we have been told, he found out details online and then used it to try to undermine the person’s credibility.

  3. That makes sense. Thank you for what you’re doing here. These things need to be said and Robin has a lot of people too terrorized to say them. Sad how someone who sees himself as abused has become an abuser.

  4. I posted a comment as Anonymous UCM member for the very reason that I fear he might come after me and/or my family. Many of our members, especially elderly members enter by the back door of our building on Sunday for fear of a confrontation as he pickets. I, for one, refuse to be intimidated and enter by the front door.
    Our minister asked for and was granted a restraining order (article 810 of the Criminal Code of canada in May 2008, for a year). They met in the same subway car one Sunday morning as he was coming to the Church to picket. He followed her to the church shouting at her along the way. He also sent her unsolicited emails and posted negative comments on his blog, which he continues to do, see january 2010. The internet protects him from being sued to defamation. Time is on the Church’s side, we are the oldest Unitarian Church in Canada, founded in 1842, and eventually Robin will grow old and eventually pass on, and the church will still be there. So we will wait him out.

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