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Robin Edgar is Not Alone – Unfortunately

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During the suspension of this blog, we received a number of comments from stalking victims.  Not those of Robin Edgar, but from other people who saw the same pattern of behavior.  We commonly think of stalkers as jilted lovers, but there is another kind who go after groups. Some examples told to us:

  • The Scout leader told to leave a troop for inappropriate behavior, only to follow and harass the entire Troop and the parents of the boys.
  • The fired employee who pickets their former workplace, writes letter after letter to government and corporate officers demanding ‘restitution’ while their coworkers are forced to walk past them in fear.
  • The former tenant, evicted for cause, who harasses any person who even approaches the building, until they are finally arrested for violating restraining orders and locked away.

Every single case we were given showed the same pattern of behavior which we have seen in Robin Edgar. 

  • They were removed from the group in question after repeated efforts and requests to have them change their behavior.
  • They are convinced that they there is no wrong in anything they do.
  • Once they begin their campaign of vengeance, they cannot be appeased; their goal of ‘justice’ becomes warped into a desire to torment and provoke responses from their victims.
  • Last but most frightening: they always escalate.

The research we have done on stalkers tells us that stalkers always escalate whenever a stressor in their lives leads them to believe that they have no choice.  Robin Edgar has already shown such a pattern, by expanding his circle of ‘bad people’.  First, it was Reverend Ray Drennan (now retired from ministry); then it was any minister at the Montreal church, and now a whole list of UU ministers across North America.  First it was just Montreal, then Canada, then the continent, and now we learn that he sends unsolicited rants to Unitarians around the world ‘warning’ them about his ‘legitimate’ complaints of ‘injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.’

Robin Edgar’s written responses are about the only thing we can predict reliably.  He will alternate between denying everything, and finding a way to justify what he does and says; often he will do so in the same blog post.  The one thing we can agree with him about is that he cannot be ignored.  Unfortunately, the response he wants, and the response we believe is warranted, are worlds apart from one another.


Time Out, Robin

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The latest post on ‘The Emerson Avenger’ shows just how obsessed and self-centered Robin Edgar truly is.

Reverend Priscilla Jenkins had posted a comment expressing her frustration with how political discourse in the United States had stooped to an all-time low.

And Robin Edgar’s take? He believes Jenkins is directing her comments specifically at the UU blogger Peacebang.

Dear Robin Edgar – This may come as a shock to you but it’s not all about you or the UU ministers you love to hate.

Robin Edgar’s Need for “Fifteen Minutes” or more

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Some more insight into the mind of Robin Edgar, this time from someone in his home city:

Robin’s sense of grandiosity is certainly not limited to Unitarians.  When he heard about a petty con artist named Wade Thompson scamming people here in Montreal, he went on the web and set up his own website, even tho there was already a website about it.  The Whitehorse Daily Star reported on the arrest and cited Robin’s blog, and now he’s having a grand old time bragging about it.

Yes, we have confirmed that Robin Edgar is indeed boasting about getting his “fifteen minutes of fame”.  Apparently he keeps forgetting the two articles in the Montreal Mirror covering his pickets of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. Or his repeatedly linking his blog to every marginally relevant blog and article he can think of. Or his relentless commenting on other people’s blogs about what a victim he is and how dumb he thinks UUs are. Or his Youtube account, where he shows his “professional” photography skills.

Oh, that leads to more from our commenter in Montreal:

I’ve seen Robin taking photos at Montreal street events.  Curious, he calls himself a professional photographer, but I’ve never seen his pics anywhere but his website.  Just who is he selling them to so he can make a living?

Good question, especially since he’s given more than one job description throughout his blog. Is he even able to maintain steady employment? Just how does he pay for protest signs, copies of lengthy letters, video camera, Internet access, trips all over Canada and the USA?

Our commenter in Montreal closes with the following:

I don’t agree there’s any chance of violence from the guy from what I see.  He’s a harmless little crank who feels the need to be important.  So let him have his pickets and his God-knows-how-many blogs to rant on (I’ve lost count, and I just read for a chuckle now and then.)  Don’t make such a big deal about this.

Yes, it’s clear Robin Edgar “feels the need to be important.” Apparently he feels the need to be very important, and in control, and always one hundred percent right in everything he does.  That’s why we don’t think he’s so harmless.  He’s already inflicted emotional damage on several individuals, and from what we hear will likely lash out at more whom he is convinced are involved with this blog.

We are not saying that Robin Edgar is indeed violent. We are aware, however, of individuals who engaged in similar “harmless little crank” behavior who later turned violent. This risk cannot be ignored, and we feel it’s only wise for those targeted by Robin Edgar to take precautions.

Abuse Survivors to Robin Edgar: You Don’t Speak for Us

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In response to our latest blog post, we received a copy of this letter.  The authors had asked the Unitarian Church of Montreal to forward this to Robin Edgar in December of 2009; whether or not the church did so, we cannot say. Suffice it to say, Robin Edgar continues to compare his “victimhood” to those who have been tragically used and abused by others.  As the letter’s authors have requested, we are publishing its contents in full.

December 2009

TO: Mr. Robin Edgar

CC: Rev. Diane Rollert, Unitarian Church of Montreal; Rev. Peter Morales, Unitarian Universalist Association; Ms. Jennifer Dickson, Canadian Unitarian Council

Dear Robin,

We are a group of survivors of sexual misconduct by Unitarian Universalist clergy and other leaders. Some of us are still involved in UU groups at different levels, others have left. We do not claim to speak for all survivors, but we believe ourselves to be a representative group.

We have taken the time to read your blog and comments on other sites, and the comments of other UU bloggers. Having maintained personal connections with one another, we have come together out of mutual concern to share our own impressions and observations. We do appreciate your support in raising awareness of the issue of sexual misconduct by UU religious leaders, and how UU organizations and leaders have responded to complaints and concerns. We also empathize with how you have been mistreated by some within UU circles.

That is what makes this letter so difficult, for the evidence we have seen tells us that you are far from blameless yourself. Whatever abuses have been directed your way, we cannot see how they justify the level of abuse which you have heaped on others. Whatever shortcomings UUs may have, they do not deserve the level of rancor which you have been directing at them over the years.

You demand moral perfection from UU ministers, leaders and writers – a level of perfection which you yourself have fallen far short of in your words and deeds, frequently lashing out at others, often for no reason than just being UU. Worse yet, when this is brought to your attention, not only do you admit to being rude and insulting, but you respond with a level of self-justification which reminds us all too painfully of the same rationalizations our abusers gave for their acts against us.

You claim to speak for all who have been abused by unethical UU leaders. Whenever you speak of such, you always bring it back to your experience, your victimhood, and your grievances. Whether you intend to or not, you have made us feel that our concerns are merely a tool for your own personal agenda – another painful reminder of how those who sexually and emotionally manipulate and abuse try to make it seem like they are the ones being used and excluded.

We and other survivors have worked long and hard to improve the situation within UU organizations. We are not in full agreement as to the level of progress, but we do believe that some progress has been made. Some of us maintain contacts with UU leaders to continue this work – and we have found ourselves torn between appreciating your support and experience, and having to distance ourselves from so many of the things you say and do.

We believe that you do not intend to hurt us, that you share our sense of indignation and desire for justice. But even a noble sentiment can get twisted into something hurtful, and unfortunately we have come to see that in your case. One example of this is your pattern of tracking down those who doubt or disagree with your methods, and lashing out at them to the point of harassment – this is the main reason why we have declined to put our names to this letter.

We are respectfully asking that you no longer speak on our behalf, and consider how painful your actions have become. We say this to you with out of empathy and compassion. We know all too well how pain can lead to rage, how the desire to set things right can become distorted into a lust for personal retribution. But we have also come to know the joy and peace of healing, of letting go and moving on. We can only hope that you will begin that process yourself.

Our message to the letter’s authors: Thank you, and our own wishes for healing and happiness.

What Robin Edgar Wants

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At long last, Robin Edgar has given a specific answer to the question of what he wants.

After announcing on Ms Kitty’s Saloon and Road Show that he intended to picket the headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association (yet again), Robin Edgar was asked (yet again) what exactly he was demanding.  After insisting (yet again) that he had “clearly” stated those demands, he finally provided this link to an earlier email he sent to UUA President Reverend Peter Morales.  Edgar’s letter is typically lengthy and bombastic, so we will provide some choice clips — and our impressions:

“You [Morales] are on record as saying that you are “absolutely committed to doing the right thing” when it comes to taking action on clergy sexual misconduct, and that taking action is a “moral imperative.” I put it to you that taking responsible action on non-sexual forms of clergy misconduct is equally a moral imperative or moral obligation, and I call upon you to fully commit yourself to doing the right thing in response to all forms of clergy misconduct committed by UU ministers. The fact of the matter is that some of the more serious cases of non-sexual clergy misconduct can be every bit as harmful and damaging to victims and implicated UU congregations as some cases of clergy sexual misconduct.”

Well, this begs the question of what constitutes “non-sexual clergy misconduct” and how the UUA and it affiliates bodies ought to respond.  Robin Edgar claims (yet again) to being a victim of such misconduct, insofar as he alleges to have been:

“deeply insulted and defamed, and unjustly demonized and marginalized, by verbally and psychologically abusive UU ministers”

As far as we can tell, this is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.  Robin Edgar has invested almost two decades of his life to insulting, defaming and unjustly demonizing Unitarian Universalists of all types, for such sundry offenses as declining to join his crusade, refusing to publish ad hominem attacks on their blogs, or just plain not giving him the attention he so desperately craves.  One of his causalties, the late Reverend Timothy Jensen, had earned Egdar’s dubious wrath for having argued with him that, no, he did not plagiarize Edgar when commenting on a distorted map of the US.  Edgar has justified his malicious attacks by claiming that he is merely “reflecting” the alleged abuse heaped upon him.  Whatever abuse he may have suffered, this is far from reflecting — it is multiplying, and it is done against many who have had no quarrel with him, and have even tried to help him.  So if Robin Edgar wants to whine about being marginalized, then maybe he should consider that his own extreme behavior is a greater factor than anything any UU minister has ever done to him.

Moving right along, we finally get to Robin Edgar’s demand:

“After publicly “Standing On The Side of Love” for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct on “National Standing on the Side of Love Day” this February 14th, I would ask that you to then take steps to ensure that providing genuine restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct is on the agenda of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee meeting in mid-March 2010 and that this MFC meeting leads towards the goal of a new official UUA apology to be delivered to victims of non-sexual forms of clergy misconduct, or indeed all forms of clergy misconduct, at the 2010 UUA GA in Minneapolis Minnesota.”

Excuse me, Mister Edgar, but… The Reverend Ray Drennan did offer one apology after another to you, yet you consistently rejected them.  Why, then, should Morales or any other UU minister even consider answering this demand when you reserve the right to then say: “Not good enough, I want more”?

We the collective authorship of this blog remain unconvinced that an “official UUA apology” for what individual ministers may have said or done will ever put to rest this matter.  We are convinced, in fact, that Robin Edgar will either proclaim that such an apology is not enough, or simply use it as a tool for imposing more and more demands on the Unitarian Church of Montreal and other groups and individuals.  Far from burying the hatchet, we are convinced that Robin Edgar is looking for yet another weapon.

We do not use such combative imagery lightly.  Originally we had decided to suspend this blog because of real concerns that the conflict between Robin Edgar and the Montreal church could escalate.  We share these concerns, based on the histrionic tone and even violent imagery on Edgar’s blog; his latest perseveration is about kicking people in the balls.

If Robin Edgar carries through on picketing the UUA headquarters, we would hope that the staff there will seriously consider contacting law enforcement to carefully monitor him.  Of course, Edgar will insist (yet again) that his demonstrations are always peaceful.  But we have to wonder, with all of the rage and bile he spills forth, and the sense of frustration he exhibits, just how long that will last.