Robin Edgar’s Need for “Fifteen Minutes” or more

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Some more insight into the mind of Robin Edgar, this time from someone in his home city:

Robin’s sense of grandiosity is certainly not limited to Unitarians.  When he heard about a petty con artist named Wade Thompson scamming people here in Montreal, he went on the web and set up his own website, even tho there was already a website about it.  The Whitehorse Daily Star reported on the arrest and cited Robin’s blog, and now he’s having a grand old time bragging about it.

Yes, we have confirmed that Robin Edgar is indeed boasting about getting his “fifteen minutes of fame”.  Apparently he keeps forgetting the two articles in the Montreal Mirror covering his pickets of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. Or his repeatedly linking his blog to every marginally relevant blog and article he can think of. Or his relentless commenting on other people’s blogs about what a victim he is and how dumb he thinks UUs are. Or his Youtube account, where he shows his “professional” photography skills.

Oh, that leads to more from our commenter in Montreal:

I’ve seen Robin taking photos at Montreal street events.  Curious, he calls himself a professional photographer, but I’ve never seen his pics anywhere but his website.  Just who is he selling them to so he can make a living?

Good question, especially since he’s given more than one job description throughout his blog. Is he even able to maintain steady employment? Just how does he pay for protest signs, copies of lengthy letters, video camera, Internet access, trips all over Canada and the USA?

Our commenter in Montreal closes with the following:

I don’t agree there’s any chance of violence from the guy from what I see.  He’s a harmless little crank who feels the need to be important.  So let him have his pickets and his God-knows-how-many blogs to rant on (I’ve lost count, and I just read for a chuckle now and then.)  Don’t make such a big deal about this.

Yes, it’s clear Robin Edgar “feels the need to be important.” Apparently he feels the need to be very important, and in control, and always one hundred percent right in everything he does.  That’s why we don’t think he’s so harmless.  He’s already inflicted emotional damage on several individuals, and from what we hear will likely lash out at more whom he is convinced are involved with this blog.

We are not saying that Robin Edgar is indeed violent. We are aware, however, of individuals who engaged in similar “harmless little crank” behavior who later turned violent. This risk cannot be ignored, and we feel it’s only wise for those targeted by Robin Edgar to take precautions.

  1. He has already lashed out against someone for it.

  2. Not surprising. He is always angry, always looking to blame somebody.

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