Robin Edgar is Not Alone – Unfortunately

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2010 at 1:43 pm

During the suspension of this blog, we received a number of comments from stalking victims.  Not those of Robin Edgar, but from other people who saw the same pattern of behavior.  We commonly think of stalkers as jilted lovers, but there is another kind who go after groups. Some examples told to us:

  • The Scout leader told to leave a troop for inappropriate behavior, only to follow and harass the entire Troop and the parents of the boys.
  • The fired employee who pickets their former workplace, writes letter after letter to government and corporate officers demanding ‘restitution’ while their coworkers are forced to walk past them in fear.
  • The former tenant, evicted for cause, who harasses any person who even approaches the building, until they are finally arrested for violating restraining orders and locked away.

Every single case we were given showed the same pattern of behavior which we have seen in Robin Edgar. 

  • They were removed from the group in question after repeated efforts and requests to have them change their behavior.
  • They are convinced that they there is no wrong in anything they do.
  • Once they begin their campaign of vengeance, they cannot be appeased; their goal of ‘justice’ becomes warped into a desire to torment and provoke responses from their victims.
  • Last but most frightening: they always escalate.

The research we have done on stalkers tells us that stalkers always escalate whenever a stressor in their lives leads them to believe that they have no choice.  Robin Edgar has already shown such a pattern, by expanding his circle of ‘bad people’.  First, it was Reverend Ray Drennan (now retired from ministry); then it was any minister at the Montreal church, and now a whole list of UU ministers across North America.  First it was just Montreal, then Canada, then the continent, and now we learn that he sends unsolicited rants to Unitarians around the world ‘warning’ them about his ‘legitimate’ complaints of ‘injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.’

Robin Edgar’s written responses are about the only thing we can predict reliably.  He will alternate between denying everything, and finding a way to justify what he does and says; often he will do so in the same blog post.  The one thing we can agree with him about is that he cannot be ignored.  Unfortunately, the response he wants, and the response we believe is warranted, are worlds apart from one another.

  1. Robin Edgar, the author of the International Day of Conscience, borrows thousands of dollars and refuses to repay.

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