Will Robin Edgar Finally Admit He Has a Big Fat, Less than Perfect or Excellent, but Very Aptly Named Obsession?

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Bad enough Robin Edgar has to fill his blog posts and comments on other blogs with so much rage and insults.  Or that they are so incredibly long and self-centered.  But if all that is not a sign of obsession, how about how turgid and repetitive his writing is?

Robin Edgar does show flashes of intelligence and imagination.  Not frequently, though.  He repeats so many hackneyed phrases, culled from out-of-date pop-culture references, you have to wonder what’s going on.  “Ooh, ooh!  That sounds good!  I’ll use that catchy little phrase in my next blog post…”  And the next blog post, and the next blog post, and pretty much every blog post he can fit it into.

Notice how he constantly asks, “Will <selected UU> Finally <do something Robin Edgar wants>?”  As we’ve said before, aside from demanding an official apology, he’s never been clear what exactly he wants — and with his history of rejecting apologies on the grounds of not thinking them “sincere” even that specific demand is specious.  So he keeps rewriting the question, keeps demanding what he calls “restorative justice” without ever spelling out what exactly he’s looking for.

Years ago, there was a show on US television called Less than Perfect.  It hasn’t been around for a long, long time, but Robin Edgar is so fixated on the phrase, and the variant less than excellent, that he uses it every chance he gets.  It’s hard to find any of his posts or comments where he doesn’t find a chance to use it.

Let’s not forget the comic movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  It was popular enough at the time to spawn a TV series, but neither has been all that big for some time now.  Except on the blog and brain of Robin Edgar, where he uses “Big Fat” so often that it starts to get boring.

And it’s not enough to talk about one of his favorite scapegoats, the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee.  Any mention of this group – often added to any mention of the UUA – must be prefaced with the snarky description very aptly named to the point of compulsion.

Robin Edgar has been asked by readers why he is so verbose and redundant.  He claims it’s to get more Google hits (which makes sense, since he’s so keen on getting as much attention as possible, even putting up a post simply to report the number of Google hits “The Emerson Avenger” had gotten).  But even that doesn’t explain how he uses so many phrases so often.  No, such tiresome use of cliches speaks of a man who fixates on things and cannot let go – including his own hypocrisy of admitting to being rude and offensive, then refusing to accept that such obnoxious and vindictive behavior has actually hurt people, often for no reason than for refusing to embrace his obsessive need for control and attention.

  1. Don’t forget “injustices, abuses and hypocricies” which includes ANY criticism or questioning of the Great and Powerful Robin Edgar.

  2. Amazing, isn’t it, that one obsessive person can so influence the UU blogosphere? I’m sure he’d be quite lost without his axe to grind. To paraphrase the old US Navy ad, for him it’s not ONLY a career, it’s an ADVENTURE! It gets the adrenaline pumping and gives him a reason to get up in the morning.

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