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Round and Round Robin Edgar Goes

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It’s clear that we have become Robin Edgar’s latest obsession, if his rapid response to our posts is any indication.  He questions whether ‘Robin Edgar Sucks’ should be taken seriously, answering his own question with thousands of words worth of repetitive complaints and denial.

Let’s be clear, that Robin Edgar has done nothing constructive with regard to his campaign of ‘publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices abuses and hypocrisies’.  All he does is harp on the same complaints, the bulk of which revolve around Ray Drennan (retired now for several years) and the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

Robin Edgar insists he does not target UUs for being UUs.  Really?  He bad-mouths and complains about UUs any and every chance he gets, then acts surprised when so many are offended.  Not to mention those who have, in good faith, asked him questions about what he is talking about and what he wants, only to be met with his demanding that others go find out for themselves instead of answering forthrightly, and finally being put on his enemies list  and assaulted with a flurry of verbal abuse.

Robin Edgar’s ‘point for point rebuttal’ of this blog is just more of his going round and round in circles, justifying his attacks, insults and petulant demands for attention with more of the same.  And yet, he insists, he is not obsessed.  How dare anybody even suggest that!

Robin Edgar wants to be compared with Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Stephen Leacock and Charlie Chaplin.  Problem is, they were much more creative, they didn’t center their work around themselves, and they knew when to quit.  They didn’t have to justify their satires with endless verbal bludgeoning, they simply let their work stand on the merits, and move on.  Where they would poke fun at the hubris of the world, an enraged and self-centered Robin Edgar persists on beating a dead horse again and again and again and again.

Round and round Robin Edgar goes.  When will he stop?  Nobody knows.

We see only three ways where it can and will end.  The worst case scenario is that, after driving so many people away, he will become so consumed with frustration and rage that he will decide to cross the line and do something more damaging than mere insults.  Next to that, he will have exhausted his health and resources to the point that he can no longer carry on.  The least likely, but most hoped for resolution, is that he will get the help he desperately needs, see how hurtful and self-defeating his behaviour really is, and learns to let go and live a more healthy life.


Is Robin Edgar to be Taken Seriously?

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Robin Edgar lashes out and insults people for being UU, demanding what he calls ‘restorative justice’.  When people complain about his obnoxious behavior, or act surprised at the few times he can behave himself, he tells us that the mean-spirited foul-mouthed Emerson Avenger is just a ‘caricature persona’ and not the real Robin Edgar.

When Robin Edgar twists and distorts other people’s words to make it look like they are on his side, and is called to account for it, he berates his critics after the fact for not getting his ‘satire’.  Of course, he can’t stand it when somebody else satirises him with parody blogs such as the ‘Ellery Avenger’.

With all his alleged usage of caricatures and satire, how can we take Robin Edgar seriously?  How can he honestly expect to be taken serious with such outrageous attacking behavior?

We would submit first that there is good reason to doubt these claims.  They are always after the fact, always in response to criticism, and always yet another bizarre attempt to paint all UUs bad and Robin Edgar as the poor pitiful victim.

Robin Edgar is no victim.  He is the one who has engaged on a campaign of harassment, intimidation and insults, sustained with years of rage and bitterness which he refuses to let go.  He is the one who has slowly but surely escalated his attacks.  He is the one who keeps demanding ‘justice’, all the while refusing to describe what exactly he wants, rejecting apologies, and pushing incessantly to fill his desperate, immature need for attention and control.

Robin Edgar is a hypocrite.  He constantly accuses UUs of false charges, then when shown to be guilty, proclaims that he will continue to lash out at UUs because he insists that UUs are all lashing out at him.  Just recently, he has demonstrated such hypocrisy by strongly speculating without one shred of evidence that the young man with a mohawk who stole his picket sign outside the Unitarian Church of Montreal is most likely a UU.  Here he is, berating UUs for false accusations, yet freely doing so himself.  UUs are bad in Robin Edgar’s world, so anybody who does bad against him must be a UU.  Seriously, now!

We submit that Robin Edgar is to be taken serious, but not in the way he would have.  Anybody who would invest so much time and energy on such a vendetta must be taken seriously as a potential threat.

Not Just Mean, But Misleading

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We’ve made no secret of how disturbing we find Robin Edgar.  He makes an effort to be mean, and then gloats about it.  We’ve lost track of how many times he’s tossed out the phrase kick in the balls when lashing out against yet another UU he disapproves of, or who simply did not pay attention to him.

Bad enough he wants to poison cyberspace with his mean-spiritedness – and not just on “The Emerson Avenger” but almost a dozen anti-UU blogs he has set up all over the web (and yet he insists this is not an obsession or fixation).  He even goes out of his way to mislead his readers.

One of his most recent blog posts is entitled “UUA President Peter Morales Kicks the “Collective Authorship” Of the Robin Edgar Sucks Blog In Their Big Fat U*U Balls”.  If the title itself is not ridiculous enough, the content Robin Edgar provides is outright misrepresentation.  He has taken Reverend Morales’ comments about recent legislation in Arizona, and rewritten them into a statement supposedly supporting Robin Edgar (and implying that Morales condemns our actions).

For the record, we are aware of the criticisms of this blog from many UUs.  We are equally aware of how many support our trying to make people aware of just how harmful – and potentially dangerous – Robin Edgar is.  But we have never doctored any comments to make Robin Edgar look bad.  We don’t need to.  It says a lot about Robin Edgar that he feels the need to do so himself.

Robin Edgar: Nonviolent For How Long?

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One of Robin Edgar’s fixations is lashing out at one blogging UU minister.  He goes out of his way to find anything and everything he can to cast her in a bad light.  Very recently, he recounted a story from this minister’s blog, posted in 2005, where she recounts an incident where she gave a shoplifting teen ‘the side of my boot in her tushie, hard’ before talking to him.

We are certainly not condoning such behaviour by a minister, but what does this have to do with Robin Edgar’s dispute with the Unitarian Church of Montreal?

It is another example of his twisted rationalization, where anybody related with Unitarian Universalism, and ministers especially, are fair game for his verbal abuse and harassment.  We have read that Robin Edgar continues to send unwanted, profanity-laden emails to this female minister.

There is a much deeper concern, however.  Robin Edgar has tried to excuse his habit of insulting and abusing UUs by claiming that it is ‘legitimate’ retaliation for insults and abuses directed towards him (although there are a number of individuals on his list who have never insulted or abused him, or even talked to him).  Now he’s talking about how a minister he doesn’t like put her boot to a teen.  Add to that his repeatedly talking about people he doesn’t like being ‘kicked in the balls’, and his threat to ‘play hardball’ with the Unitarian Church of Montreal…

Does this mean that Robin Edgar’s ‘peaceful protests’ will no longer be peaceful, and will he claim that such escalation is a ‘legitimate’ response to the ‘less than peaceful’ behaviour of a minister he has never met (and, in fact, at one point tried to defend him)?

Let’s hope that the Unitarian Church of Montreal remains vigilant, and will not hesitate to use whatever lawful means are necessary to protect themselves.

The Naivete of UUA Trustee Linda Laskowski

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Previously we related Robin Edgar’s latest claim that his insulting and outrageous behavior is really a ‘caricature persona’, that he is really a “restrained’ guy.  We in turn raised the question of why anybody would embrace so obviously self-defeating a strategy.

With the recent blog posts of Linda Laskowski, UUA Trustee for the Pacific Coast District, another question comes to mind.  Maybe the ‘restrained’ Robin Edgar is the act, deliberately cultivated to dupe naive individuals like Ms Laskowski to speaking positively about his ‘single minded pursuit of justice.’

We’re distressed enough to hear that an elected representative on the UUA’s national board has seen fit to lend credence to such a malicious and destructive individual.  Yet it gets worse.  We have read from others that Ms Laskowski has refused to approve any comments which criticize her position.

We would strongly encourage concerned UUs to email her directly at  Let her know just what kind of a man Robin Edgar really is, not the ‘respectful’ facade she has so easily fallen for.