Robin Edgar: Nonviolent For How Long?

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 at 3:28 am

One of Robin Edgar’s fixations is lashing out at one blogging UU minister.  He goes out of his way to find anything and everything he can to cast her in a bad light.  Very recently, he recounted a story from this minister’s blog, posted in 2005, where she recounts an incident where she gave a shoplifting teen ‘the side of my boot in her tushie, hard’ before talking to him.

We are certainly not condoning such behaviour by a minister, but what does this have to do with Robin Edgar’s dispute with the Unitarian Church of Montreal?

It is another example of his twisted rationalization, where anybody related with Unitarian Universalism, and ministers especially, are fair game for his verbal abuse and harassment.  We have read that Robin Edgar continues to send unwanted, profanity-laden emails to this female minister.

There is a much deeper concern, however.  Robin Edgar has tried to excuse his habit of insulting and abusing UUs by claiming that it is ‘legitimate’ retaliation for insults and abuses directed towards him (although there are a number of individuals on his list who have never insulted or abused him, or even talked to him).  Now he’s talking about how a minister he doesn’t like put her boot to a teen.  Add to that his repeatedly talking about people he doesn’t like being ‘kicked in the balls’, and his threat to ‘play hardball’ with the Unitarian Church of Montreal…

Does this mean that Robin Edgar’s ‘peaceful protests’ will no longer be peaceful, and will he claim that such escalation is a ‘legitimate’ response to the ‘less than peaceful’ behaviour of a minister he has never met (and, in fact, at one point tried to defend him)?

Let’s hope that the Unitarian Church of Montreal remains vigilant, and will not hesitate to use whatever lawful means are necessary to protect themselves.

  1. The minister’s story is easy to find on Google. It doesn’t sound like the minister kicked the teenager hard enough to hurt him. After the kick, the minister and the teenager have a heart-to-heart. The whole post is actually quite sweet.

  2. He has a particular vendetta against this minister, having posted his version of her words as comments to blogs and even online newspaper stories from Hong Kong to Cairo- literally. His pretexts for doing so are always flimsy in the extreme; for example to a newspaper story about Joan Collins dropping the “F” bomb, he commented, “You think that’s bad- this UU minister…”

    Funnt thing is, while he hates to be “taken out of context”, he always, without exception, takes the quote he wants the whole world to have linked in their minds with this minister out of context- it was not something she made up, it was a reply to someone who had said something chilling, using his own words back at him. You know, my mother used to tell me that even if no one word you used was untrue, trying to make people believe something that’s not true is lying.

  3. I think appropriate precautions should be taken. I don’t think it’s unlikely that he’ll completely snap someday soon.

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