Not Just Mean, But Misleading

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2010 at 9:19 pm

We’ve made no secret of how disturbing we find Robin Edgar.  He makes an effort to be mean, and then gloats about it.  We’ve lost track of how many times he’s tossed out the phrase kick in the balls when lashing out against yet another UU he disapproves of, or who simply did not pay attention to him.

Bad enough he wants to poison cyberspace with his mean-spiritedness – and not just on “The Emerson Avenger” but almost a dozen anti-UU blogs he has set up all over the web (and yet he insists this is not an obsession or fixation).  He even goes out of his way to mislead his readers.

One of his most recent blog posts is entitled “UUA President Peter Morales Kicks the “Collective Authorship” Of the Robin Edgar Sucks Blog In Their Big Fat U*U Balls”.  If the title itself is not ridiculous enough, the content Robin Edgar provides is outright misrepresentation.  He has taken Reverend Morales’ comments about recent legislation in Arizona, and rewritten them into a statement supposedly supporting Robin Edgar (and implying that Morales condemns our actions).

For the record, we are aware of the criticisms of this blog from many UUs.  We are equally aware of how many support our trying to make people aware of just how harmful – and potentially dangerous – Robin Edgar is.  But we have never doctored any comments to make Robin Edgar look bad.  We don’t need to.  It says a lot about Robin Edgar that he feels the need to do so himself.

  1. don’t forget how he keeps claiming the UUA was somehow involved in ‘covering up’ the heinous crimes of Mack Mitchell. It was members of his own congregation who turned him in. The UUA let police and prosecutors do their work, the Ministerial Fellowship Committee voted unanimously to remove him as a minister, and never hid any of this. So where’s the cover up?

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