Is Robin Edgar to be Taken Seriously?

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 at 1:27 am

Robin Edgar lashes out and insults people for being UU, demanding what he calls ‘restorative justice’.  When people complain about his obnoxious behavior, or act surprised at the few times he can behave himself, he tells us that the mean-spirited foul-mouthed Emerson Avenger is just a ‘caricature persona’ and not the real Robin Edgar.

When Robin Edgar twists and distorts other people’s words to make it look like they are on his side, and is called to account for it, he berates his critics after the fact for not getting his ‘satire’.  Of course, he can’t stand it when somebody else satirises him with parody blogs such as the ‘Ellery Avenger’.

With all his alleged usage of caricatures and satire, how can we take Robin Edgar seriously?  How can he honestly expect to be taken serious with such outrageous attacking behavior?

We would submit first that there is good reason to doubt these claims.  They are always after the fact, always in response to criticism, and always yet another bizarre attempt to paint all UUs bad and Robin Edgar as the poor pitiful victim.

Robin Edgar is no victim.  He is the one who has engaged on a campaign of harassment, intimidation and insults, sustained with years of rage and bitterness which he refuses to let go.  He is the one who has slowly but surely escalated his attacks.  He is the one who keeps demanding ‘justice’, all the while refusing to describe what exactly he wants, rejecting apologies, and pushing incessantly to fill his desperate, immature need for attention and control.

Robin Edgar is a hypocrite.  He constantly accuses UUs of false charges, then when shown to be guilty, proclaims that he will continue to lash out at UUs because he insists that UUs are all lashing out at him.  Just recently, he has demonstrated such hypocrisy by strongly speculating without one shred of evidence that the young man with a mohawk who stole his picket sign outside the Unitarian Church of Montreal is most likely a UU.  Here he is, berating UUs for false accusations, yet freely doing so himself.  UUs are bad in Robin Edgar’s world, so anybody who does bad against him must be a UU.  Seriously, now!

We submit that Robin Edgar is to be taken serious, but not in the way he would have.  Anybody who would invest so much time and energy on such a vendetta must be taken seriously as a potential threat.

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