Round and Round Robin Edgar Goes

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 at 10:47 pm

It’s clear that we have become Robin Edgar’s latest obsession, if his rapid response to our posts is any indication.  He questions whether ‘Robin Edgar Sucks’ should be taken seriously, answering his own question with thousands of words worth of repetitive complaints and denial.

Let’s be clear, that Robin Edgar has done nothing constructive with regard to his campaign of ‘publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices abuses and hypocrisies’.  All he does is harp on the same complaints, the bulk of which revolve around Ray Drennan (retired now for several years) and the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

Robin Edgar insists he does not target UUs for being UUs.  Really?  He bad-mouths and complains about UUs any and every chance he gets, then acts surprised when so many are offended.  Not to mention those who have, in good faith, asked him questions about what he is talking about and what he wants, only to be met with his demanding that others go find out for themselves instead of answering forthrightly, and finally being put on his enemies list  and assaulted with a flurry of verbal abuse.

Robin Edgar’s ‘point for point rebuttal’ of this blog is just more of his going round and round in circles, justifying his attacks, insults and petulant demands for attention with more of the same.  And yet, he insists, he is not obsessed.  How dare anybody even suggest that!

Robin Edgar wants to be compared with Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Stephen Leacock and Charlie Chaplin.  Problem is, they were much more creative, they didn’t center their work around themselves, and they knew when to quit.  They didn’t have to justify their satires with endless verbal bludgeoning, they simply let their work stand on the merits, and move on.  Where they would poke fun at the hubris of the world, an enraged and self-centered Robin Edgar persists on beating a dead horse again and again and again and again.

Round and round Robin Edgar goes.  When will he stop?  Nobody knows.

We see only three ways where it can and will end.  The worst case scenario is that, after driving so many people away, he will become so consumed with frustration and rage that he will decide to cross the line and do something more damaging than mere insults.  Next to that, he will have exhausted his health and resources to the point that he can no longer carry on.  The least likely, but most hoped for resolution, is that he will get the help he desperately needs, see how hurtful and self-defeating his behaviour really is, and learns to let go and live a more healthy life.

  1. Robin Edgar was always a little different, be kind

  2. That is putting it very mildly, and ‘a little different’ could be used to described a very large number of unacceptable behaviour. Our goal here is to show how Robin Edgar’s behaviour, both to the UCM and online, has been and continues to be harmful.

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