Oh the (In)humanity

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2010 at 3:03 pm

We have not seen any new posts on Robin Edgar’s blog, but he has been posting comments on other UU blogs.

Most recently a minister raised the question of what sacred texts people refer to.  Here is Robin Edgar’s answer:

“Quite regrettably it is all too human to be inhuman.”

Most ironically, and most regrettably. . . that original saying of mine was inspired by the rather inhuman behavior of s0-called “Humanist” U*Us.

No Bible or Koran, just a single “original” sentence directed at Humanist UUs.  It is certainly worth meditating upon, and especially to remind ourselves to be forgiving of others, and more mindful of our own actions.

Not for Robin Edgar, apparently, who has repeatedly claimed that his persistent insults and harassment are “payback” for the “inhuman” treatment by some UUs towards him.  No turning the other cheek for him, he believes that what goes around comes around, and if you are in his sights he’ll be coming around to get you, and not just once but several times — even after you’re gone.

Falls in line with calling his “legitimate” picketing of UU churches and events an “alternative spiritual practice”.  Where is the spirituality of lashing out in anger, using any excuse to defame a whole community of people, and never ever moving on?

We wonder, and we worry, what a man with such a mentality has next in mind.

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