Slowly, Slowly, the “Avenger” Goes?

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Looks like Robin Edgar is running out of steam.  His posts are less frequent, and he is running out of things to say.  We would think he would have something to say about the recent UUA General Assembly in Minneapolis, but instead he comments about somebody in Wichita, Kansas finding one of his posts on Google.

Why would Robin “The Emerson Avenger” Edgar consider such a thing more important than the most important annual event for Unitarian Universalists?  Other bloggers commented on everything from the resolution for a “Justice GA” in Phoenix in 2012, to the banner parade and the text of the opening chalice lighting.  But, for Robin Edgar, it’s more important for him to tell the world that somebody in Wichita looked up one of his posts.

Apparently, it’s more important for Robin Edgar to get attention, than to actually engage in thoughtful, constructive discussion of issues important to Unitarian Universalists.  Any attention, even the negative attention that comes from insulting and lashing out at people; he has even admitted to being obnoxious so as to draw attention to himself.

But it looks like he’s running out of material.  He couldn’t use anything that happened at GA to draw attention to himself, so he desperately reached for something else.  It’s not surprising, really.  After his years of harassing and insulting and alienating UUs, people have grown weary of his “act”, and refused to feed his craving for attention.  Combine that with how utterly repetitive and unimaginative he is, and it makes sense that his posts should become both less frequent and less relevant.

Good news?  We can’t be sure.  It all depends on how he responds to the decreasing amount of attention being paid to him.  Either Robin Edgar will try to find a constructive channel, or will grow so desperate for attention that he will do anything to get it.

  1. I had assumed the lack of new posts was because of the recent partial and upcoming total eclipses- a major interest of his. It’s too much to hope that he will find a constructive channel.

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