What Really Happened at the Montreal Church?

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2010 at 6:24 pm

We have so frequently heard Robin Edgar’s account of what happened at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, both from him and from UCM members who have posted the church’s official response here.  Now we have received the following:

“Robin Edgar keeps saying this all started when Ray Drennan dismissed his claims of revelation as ‘psychotic’.  Not true!  It began well before that.  You are right that Robin was attempting to use office materials and equipment without church permission, and that he lost control when told that he could not.  He even threw a chair, frightening one of the staff members.  It was after this and other incidents that Reverend Ray Drennan decided to meet privately with Robin, to share the concerns of UCM staff and members.  After this meeting, Robin began to target Ray Drennan with accusations of misconduct, claiming that he would not listen to him and so on.  When the church did not respond as he wanted, then he escalated his actions, and the rest is history.”

We should note that we have no way of corroborating these details, short of other witnesses at UCM concurring.  As for the meeting between Robin Edgar and Ray Drennan, unless one of them actually recorded this conversation, we cannot know for sure what exactly transpired between them.

But, consider the pattern of Robin Edgar’s online behaviour.  He is careful to omit mention of incidents which would cast him in a negative light, supporting the concerns mentioned by those against whom he so frequently lashes out.  Then, when somebody else brings such incidents to light, he will either deny them as “Big Fat U*U BS”, or he will rationalize his behaviour on the grounds that, since he believes UUs treated him badly, then his offensive reactions are somehow “legitimate.”

For years, Robin Edgar has tried to portray himself as the victim of a witch-hunt, denying that his outrageous and even threatening behaviour has anything to do with his being expelled from UCM, or with the drawn-out course of events which has since followed.  He keeps tracing this back to Ray Drennan’s alleged misconduct.  Now we are given reason to believe that Reverend Drennan was in fact attempting to address an existing conflict, and the concerns of church staff and members, in his pastoral capacity.  Perhaps he was trying to share how others viewed Robin as a consequence of his behaviour.  Perhaps he was provoked into an angry confrontation, as Robin has done with others (and, of course, then blames on the other person).

We cannot say with certainty.  Even if Reverend Drennan were to share his account of that meeting, all we would then have are two conflicting testimonies.  But, as we have said before, there is other evidence to consider, and that is how Robin Edgar has treated others, and how he refuses to admit that he has, or can ever do, anything wrong.

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