What’s With Robin Edgar’s Obsession With Google Hits?

In Uncategorized on August 19, 2010 at 3:20 am

Once again, Robin Edgar wants us to believe that a Google hit on his “Emerson Avenger” blog, or a Google search on anything negative or critical of Unitarian Universalism, somehow counts as another noteworthy example of “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.”

Unfortunately (for him), all that it does accomplish is reinforce his own narcissism and obsessive fixation.

More and more, Robin Edgar has resorted to Google hit reports to fill in his blog.  No more creative energy left (such as it was)?  No more taking photos and covering them with cheesy insults?

Robin Edgar has has less and less to say over the years, other than the same old rage-filled rants on the same fixations and grudges.  Now all he has left is reporting (and retorting) on other people’s Google searches, without even an attempt to discuss the issue.

It’s clear that he has spent so much time pounding away on a computer keyboard, it has become the central focus of his life.  Worse, he shows few signs of having any life outside of lashing out at UUs from the safety of cyberspace.  Even the frequency of his pickets at the Unitarian Church of Montreal have dwindled.

Of course, Robin Edgar has the opportunity to prove that he indeed has other interests besides this.  But, we doubt very much if he will even bother to do so.

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