To the Unitarian Church of Montreal

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2010 at 3:36 am

CORRECTION: It turns out that a UCM member did indeed call Montreal police.  They dispatched a patrol, which quickly walked away.  As we comment below, we wonder why the police would advise the church to contact them whenever he pickets, only to refuse to take action.

In response to our last post, a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal had informed us that Montreal Police advised the church to contact them the next time Robin Edgar picketed them again.

Here is our question to the minister and leaders of UCM: Why didn’t you?

Robin Edgar reported picketing the church once again, this time while the CUC Eastern Region was meeting there.  Did the church leadership, or conference organizers, contact the police as they had been advised to do?  We would think that Mister Edgar would report if they did, but he gives no account of it in his rage-filled and insult riddled rant.

If the UCM, and other targets of Robin Edgar’s bile, truly wish to put an end to his harassment and bullying, then it is time they hold him to account.  If the police advise to call when he pickets, then do so, and do it every single time.  Bullies do not stop bullying unless they are shown consistently that their actions will have negative consequences.

The UCM has legal recourse to deal with this man, who has himself often threatened to ‘play hardball’.  It is high time the targets of his angry obsessive harassment responded in kind, and use whatever means they have at their disposal to hold him to account – including having him held in a jail cell.

  1. I personally called the police on sunday November 7th, and I was told that the police were called friday night the 5th, I do not know about saturday. Was he there as I did not see him? I will check and report back.

  2. Yes, we stand corrected. Robin Edgar was gloating about the fact that the police did not take action. This only raises the question of why the police would tell you to call them whenever he pickets, only to walk away. We would urge the UCM to consider all legal avenues towards ending this harassment. If he were doing this to an ex-girlfriend, he could rightly be charged with stalking, and we believe this is also definitely the case here. Please look into municipal and provincial law, and find a way to keep this man away from you before it gets worse.

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