Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right. Three Is Even Worse.

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2010 at 4:01 am

We’ve made our disapproval of Robin Edgar’s immature and obsessive antics, especially his stalking and harassment of the Unitarian Church of Montreal under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’.

That does not mean we condone illegal actions in response.  Whoever is responsible for stealing his signage has done no service to the victims of his constant lashing out.  Stealing is wrong, even when you are stealing from a childish bully.

That being said, it is also wrong to impugn that the thief must be a ‘just plain dim thinking aka stupid aka idiotic aka moronic aka imbecilic, U*U Partners In Crime’.

So where is your evidence, Mister Edgar?  Did you actually see anybody take the signage in question?  Did you see the signage in the alleged ‘getaway car’?  Do you really believe that, because said car had Ottowa plates, the alleged thieves must be from a UU congregation in that province?  Surprising that you frequently videotapes and photographs people as part of your continual campaign of harassment and intimidation cannot produce a single image to substantiate your allegations.  May we remind you of your prior history of such faulty and false accusations?  Not that it would do any good.

No, Mister Edgar, we are not so ‘dim thinking’ as you would think, that we would condone theft in response to your ridiculous and unproductive behaviour.  We’re also not going to rush to point fingers, unless somebody can produce real evidence.  That is what a free and responsible search for meaning and truth is all about.

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