Meltdown on the Emerson Avenger

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2010 at 5:02 am

Robin Edgar has frequently talked about ‘upping the ante’ whenever things do not go their way.  Now he has followed through.

In response to our latest post, emphasising how his continued and obsessive harassment of the Unitarian Church of Montreal is tantamount to criminal stalking, he has seen fit to post not one but three posts which pathetically mock our own.

Even more pathetically, he could not even come up with three relevant topics.  He had to use the same ‘issue’ for two of the posts.

Mister Edgar: We have said it before, and still you do not comprehend, but we shall repeat it.  Yes, it is horrible that a man murders his wife, and once justly convicted, he should go to jail.  But this has nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism.  If the couple were Catholic or Anglican, how would it reflect on those churches?  So how is this supposed to be relevant to the Emerson Avenger mission of ‘exposing U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’?

Nor have you even addressed the question we posed.  If you were picketing the home of an ex-girlfriend, harassing everybody who was acquainted with her, demanding some sort of ‘redress’ for her telling you that she wanted nothing to do with you, that would be considered criminal stalking.  Here you are, engaging in the exact same behaviour by obsessively harassing the members and staff of a church who told you they want nothing more to do with you, not to mention harassing every organisation and indivdual under the umbrella of Unitarian Universalism, yet because you call it a ‘protest’ you believe you should not be held accountable for such outrageous behaviour.

Perhaps somebody should find where you live and work, picket you continually, then go write incredibly long letters of complaint to your parents and demand that they take action on their behalf (after all, they were responsible for raising you and for teaching you how to behave towards other human beings).  Then, when you charge that person with harassment and stalking and whatever else comes to your mind, that individual can lay claim to the same right of ‘free expression’ which you continually exploit as justification for years and years and years of rage-filled, monomanaical lashing out.

Robin Edgar, if you want to waste your time and energy and life whining and complaining about the Unitarian Church of Montreal, then blog away.  But when you complain that your mental stability was called into question, and then behave in such a way that you lead so many people – and not just Unitarian Universalists – to rightly question your mental stability, you are only proving their point.

If your only way you can respond to criticism is to throw yet another online temper-tantrum, complete with throwing insults and unimaginative mockery, you are serving our purpose more than yours.  We can only hope that this is as far as your escalation gets.

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