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Robin Edgar’s Deceptions

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It’s a good thing that one of our team read the ‘spam’ contents more carefully, where this was found:

“Evidence of the use of fake support can be found on his own blog. The long, long comment thread in this post- – is worth reading for multiple reasons, but among them is a long list of fake references and sock puppets Robin has used. Robin quotes Peter Andre Globensky for making comments in his favor and against the UCM; when contacted by email, Mr. Globensky said, “The correct reference would have been ‘Stalinist’ – and no, I did not make that reference. I wish he would stop using my name in vain!”

Farther down, Robin admits- boasts of!- impersonating David Wallace Croft to get around being banned from a blog. Another commenter taunts Robin by using the pseudonym “GodKnowsWho”- because that’s the sock puppet Robin created to support his own comments on the old “Beliefnet” forums (which he admits a couple comments down); he has used “GoddessKnowsWho” on Pagan forums. He has also posted as “Philocritic”, hoping to be confused with the popular “Philocrites”- UU World Editor Chris Walton. All these examples are from a single comment thread in a single post on his own blog; there are others to be found. He defends his deception, as he defends all his excesses, by claiming necessity… the last refuge of the scoundrel, in my book.”

Yet another reason to look upon Mister Edgar’s claims with more than just a grain of salt.  Yet more proof that, in order to bolster his obsessive need for approval, he will even go so far as to manufacture evidence – and is not even ashamed to admit it!


Robin Edgar’s Obsessive Hatred of UU Ministers

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Season’s Greetings to our readership! Now that we have had time to review the latest rants on ‘The Emerson Avenger’, our thoughts.

Robin Edgar has quite a bit of venom reserved for ordained UU ministers, what with his latest round of giving ‘virtual lumps of coal’ to his usual list of ‘suspect’ ministers. Worse, as is typical with his being so very stuck in the past, his complaints are years old. Even Old Saint Nick is more forgiving, as he only gives you coal if you have been ‘naughty’ during the past year.

Reverend Cynthia Cain is the recipient of his wrath for a blog post about US Republican Party screeds which she wrote in September of 2008. Anybody with common sense reading this can figure out she is opining about the lack of civility amongst leading GOP figures during that election year. Unfortunately, Robin Edgar is incapable of thinking beyond a simplistic ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset, so he sees criticism of the actions of some as condemnation of all, which in his mind amounts to ‘Big Fat U*U hypocrisy’ – a crime which, keeping with his histrionic approach, can never be forgiven, and must always be avenged punished.

Reverend Victoria Weinstein has received particular attention on ‘The Emerson Avenger’, especially for a post from March of 2006 in which she lashed out against a US Senator with admittedly tasteless remarks.  Then she took the blog post down.  Not good enough for Robin Edgar, who deems that he shall haunt her with obsessively repetitive posts about this for years to come – literally!

Reverend John Buhrens in our opinion should consider his ‘lump of coal’ a badge of honour.  Robin Edgar bestowed it upon him for his letter from – get this, friends – May of 1996, in which the then President of the UUA rightly criticizes Mister Edgar for trying to use the Candles of Joy and Concerns as a platform for lashing out at the Unitarian Church of Montreal and their minister, and then attempting to pass out yet more copies of his incredibly lengthy letter of complaint.  Reverend Buhrens, if you are reading this, we salute you.  Please feel free to use Robin Edgar’s dubious ‘gift’ to keep yourself warm.

Last but not least, Robin Edgar once again rehashes his allegations that Reverend Ray Drennan, now long since retired, labelled him a psychotic. Well, whether Reverend Drennan or anybody else at the Unitarian Church of Montreal called you crazy, Mister Edgar, we would think that the least appropriate response would be to behave in such a manner as to confirm such an accusation. Instead, you have not only behaved in such a fixated and inappropriate manner lo these many years, but by your own admission you have done so in order to deliberately offend and irritate people. Is it that you are so desperate for attention, Mister Edgar, or that you have no idea of how to behave in such circumstances? Either way, if anybody is deserving of lumps of coal, it is the self-confessed ‘not-nice’ author of ‘The Emerson Avenger’ blog, for his immature and outrageous conduct year after year after year.

Robin Edgar: Big Fat Anti-UU Liar and Hypocrite

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Unitarian Universalists are not afraid of reasoned and constructive criticism.  We learn from it, and grow as a faith movement because of it.

It is another thing altogether, however, when a petulant egotist makes it his mission to try to our faith by citing anything and everything negative he can find, twisting it and exaggerating it, as part of a vindictive campaign of vengeance and self-aggradisemnt.

Robin Edgar continues to do so, and it is utterly shameful.

In his most recent “Emerson Avenger” post, he cites a sermon by Reverend Lynn Strauss, on the topic of clergy sexual abuse within the UUA and its member congregations.  He points to her frank discussion of the history of sexual abuse, and the poor way in which many congregations dealt with the matter.  Then, in quoting her statement that “There is no more tolerance for misconduct” within the UUA, he pronounces that this is “questionable” and goes on to state that, in his experience, this is not the case.

He continues to claim that the UUA has made no progress in handling the issue, that the policies put into place after years of soul-searching discussion and research amount to nothing.  His proof?  He offers none.  He simply repeats his self-centered assertion that, since he wasn’t satisfied with the way that the UUA handled his complaint of “clergy misconduct,” the UUA has done nothing on the issue, and needs in his view to be vilified and slandered.

Reverend Lynn Strauss specifically addressed sexual abuse and misconduct.  Robin Edgar continues to try to convince people that the “abuse” and “misconduct” he allegedly “suffered” from UU clergy is somehow to be equated with the trauma and betrayal of sexual abuse.

Reverend Lynn Strauss points to specific progress in how the UUA and its congregations handle sexual abuse.  Robin Edgar claims it is not enough, and. following his absolutist line of thinking (see our post of June 1: Robin Edgar’s Rules of Self-Righteousness) “not enough” might just as well be a “Big Fat U*U zero*.

All to fill his ego.  All to continue to whine and yell that his allegations against Reverend Ray Drennan were never addressed to his satisfaction.  All to excuse abusive and immature behaviour on his part.

When Robin Edgar continues to distort the truth, to claim that all forms of abuse and misconduct are equally bad, all to make himself the victim and to rationalize how he lashes out at UUs, all while accusing UUs of being liars and hypocrites, he is showing what a liar and a hypocrite he is.

When he does so without providing any constructive alternative to what he perceives is wrong, he shows that he has no real intention of making things better.  He only wants to destroy, like a spoiled brat wrecking another child’s toys out of jealousy and rage.

Robin Edgar claims his actions are in keeping with UU traditions and principles.  Wrong.  Distorting and ignoring truth, undignified ad hominem attacks, and egotistical demands that everybody else stop what they are doing to pay attention to him, run completely counter to UU principles.

Unitarian Universalism welcomes reasoned and constructive criticism.  Robin Edgar’s hypocritical denunciations do not fit the bill.

Ranting Raving Robin

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Wasn’t it Karl Marx who argued that “quantity has a quality all its own”?  Then perhaps Robin Edgar is attempting to apply Marxist theory to his “Emerson Avenger” blog.

In the past day, he has posted three times.  Does he believe that drowning us in more repetitious ranting will somehow make more progress than his years and years of childish attacks and insults?  Or perhaps he’s in one of his particularly more manic and obsessive phases?

Robin Edgar’s first post is yet another rage-filled attack on anybody who dares to critcize or question him without revealing their names.  Do tell, Mister Edgar, why you will not then reveal the name of the UU minister whom you allege praised you as “prophetic” by way of “electronic communication”.  You, sir, who love to condemn hypocrisy, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

Then Robin Edgar tries once again to compare the Unitarian Universalist Association with the Roman Catholic church with regard to sexual abuse by clergy.  He quotes Kay Montgomery’s admission of how the UUA had fallen short of dealing with the problem, but in a way which strongly implies that nothing had been done.  Ms. Montgomery’s words were said at a UUA General Assembly ten years ago, and since then both the UUA and the UU Ministerial Association has done considerable work in addressing the issue, including measures to screen out potential abusers.  Oh, and while we’re at it, perhaps Mister Edgar forgot about the letter addressed to him by a group of sexual abuse survivors a year ago.  (see our March post: Abuse Survivors to Robin Edgar: You Don’t Speak for Us)

Robin Edgar’s last attack is directed to Meg Riley.  As she laments the recent tax-cut package ratified by the US Congress, he asks why the UUA did not organize the kind of resistance which she had wanted to see.  Perhaps he is unaware that the US Constitution’s separation of church and state severely limits what religious denominations can do in response to specific legislation.  Then again, perhaps he is aware, but chooses to ignore the fact because it would spoil yet another chance for him to lash out at UU ministers, and therefore continue to nurse the grudge which he has been carrying for close to two decades now.

Worse, he believes that, because the newspaper website on which he posted his comment to Riley calls for “civil, thought-provoking and high-quality public discussion”, and because they left his comment on (for now, at least) that he can call the totality of his juvenile attacks in this light.  Yet another example of Robin Edgar’s self-centered and warped view of reality: he is all good, UUs (and especially UU ministers) are all bad.  Even when he tries to qualify such statements with the word some, he feels compelled to bracket the qualifier in asterisks (strange that he can figure out all sorts of computer tricks, but italics and bold-face elude him) as if to show off: “See, I’m not as extreme as those boneheaded Big Fat U*U asshats would have you believe!”  Since you’ve failed to notice, Mister Edgar, UUs don’t need to make anybody else believe such things about you, as you  have successfully done so yourself.

There is no quality in Robin Edgar’s written ranting and raving, no matter the quantity he turns out.  He is merely repeated the same tired complaints and insults.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t stop at his computer keyboard (assuming that he actually has a computer of his own) but feels the obsessive need to harass Montreal Unitarians on the street, in a vain attempt to make himself feel utterly right and righteous.  “Look at me!  Look at me!  I’m protesting!  I’m making them look bad!  That makes me look good, right?”

Wrong, Mister Edgar.  But you just go on believing that your antics actually mean anything.  Go on believing that being deliberately annoying and insulting (your own words) will actually accomplish anything constructive.  Go on harassing, stalking and bullying people who are wise to how mean-spirited and disturbed you truly are.

The Lesson for UUs

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Is there anything which Unitarian Universalists can learn from Robin Edgar’s incessant, childish and rage-filled attacks against our denomination?  Yes.  It is that, as much as we would like to see the good in human beings, there are some individuals with whom even a liberal and generous movement such as ours simply cannot and should not work with.

Robin Edgar wants UUs to listen to him.  We have.  We have heard the same complaints, insults and irrational demands for “justice” over and over and over again.  Robin Edgar continues to repeat himself, and will not stop.  The time for listening is past.

UUs have asked Robin Edgar to behave, at the very least, in a civil and cordial manner.  He has done so on only rare occasions, and more often has launched into ad hominen attacks, vulgar and juvenile insults, and outrageous denunciations.

UUs have tried to ignore him.  But narcissists like Robin Edgar, like Glenn Close’s borderline character in Fatal Attraction, are not going to be ignored.  So he continues to picket, bloviate, and obsess at the slightest provocation.  The only question is whether he is making up provocations for the excuse of lashing out, or whether he actually sees them where none exist.

When Meg Riley talks about a vote in the United States Senate, he uses it as a platform for talking about “Unitarian*Universalist clergy misconduct of ALL kinds” (and, for those of you unfamiliar with “Robin-speak”, this is his way of saying how much he thinks UU ministers deserve to be vilified and harassed by his “Emerson Avenger persona” because he did not like the way he alleges one minister talked to him, and that nobody has found cause to pursue his endless complaints and demands for retribution).

When one member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal allegedly makes an off-colour remark in his direction, he latches onto the man like a rabid pit bull on a child, obsessively attacking and belittling him, rather than take the high road like the “reasonable” and “well-behaved” person he claims to “really” be.

A number of UU bloggers have commented on how, too often, leaders of UU congregations are overly tolerant of clearly destructive individuals who come into their midst.  Robin Edgar is the worst-case example of such an individual.  As much as we believe in the worth and dignity of every person, that very same principle demands that we protect ourselves and others from those who, by their very destructive actions, demonstrate more than anything how little they respect or understand that principle.

It is high time that the Unitarian Church of Montreal protect its members and visitors from this destructive individual – permanently.  It is high time that the UCM’s leadership utilised the legal options available in Canada’s criminal code, and see to it that Robin Edgar is given a taste of real justice.

Robin Edgar Just Keeps Spiralling Down

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We have not made recent posts to this blog, for the simple reason that we have found very little to post about regarding Robin Edgar, self-described “Transcendentalist Super Hero”, and obsessive anti-UU stalker and harasser.  He is simply repeating his same shamelessly egotistical, monomanaical rants and antics over and over and over and over and over…

It’s been asked before, so we might as well ask again: Does this man even have a life???

We can’t see how he does, when he wastes spends so much of his time picketing a church which rightfully threw him out for his outlandish and abusive behaviour, and lashing out at anybody and everybody within the orbit of Unitarian Universalism who will not join his single-minded crusade.

Now it appears that he is beginning to manufacture allies for himself.  Not surprising, as he has seen naive attempts to mediate on his behalf, or merely state that even disturbed individuals such as he have a right to express themselves, as another blow against “Big Fat U*U Idiots” and their “injustices, abuses and hypocrisies”.  In this case, however, he alleges that an unnamed UU minister sent an “electronic communication” showing “appreciation” for his supposedly “prophetic work”; and yet Robin Edgar, who is so prone to naming names whenever anybody either praises or criticises him, cannot name this alleged supporter of his “work”!  Considering his penchant for exaggeration and distortion, we are apt to doubt this allegation until he can produce proof.

In the meantime, we are wondering just how long the Unitarian Church of Montreal is going to bear with this man’s rage-filled harassment.  No individual would tolerate such abusive and obsessive behaviour; they would, as we have urged, use Canada’s laws regarding stalking (or, as the statute describes it, “criminal harassment”) to enjoin relief.  It is clear this man will not listen to reason.  The time for restrained warnings is long past.  It is time for this man to be restrained once and for all.