Robin Edgar Just Keeps Spiralling Down

In Uncategorized on December 13, 2010 at 4:00 am

We have not made recent posts to this blog, for the simple reason that we have found very little to post about regarding Robin Edgar, self-described “Transcendentalist Super Hero”, and obsessive anti-UU stalker and harasser.  He is simply repeating his same shamelessly egotistical, monomanaical rants and antics over and over and over and over and over…

It’s been asked before, so we might as well ask again: Does this man even have a life???

We can’t see how he does, when he wastes spends so much of his time picketing a church which rightfully threw him out for his outlandish and abusive behaviour, and lashing out at anybody and everybody within the orbit of Unitarian Universalism who will not join his single-minded crusade.

Now it appears that he is beginning to manufacture allies for himself.  Not surprising, as he has seen naive attempts to mediate on his behalf, or merely state that even disturbed individuals such as he have a right to express themselves, as another blow against “Big Fat U*U Idiots” and their “injustices, abuses and hypocrisies”.  In this case, however, he alleges that an unnamed UU minister sent an “electronic communication” showing “appreciation” for his supposedly “prophetic work”; and yet Robin Edgar, who is so prone to naming names whenever anybody either praises or criticises him, cannot name this alleged supporter of his “work”!  Considering his penchant for exaggeration and distortion, we are apt to doubt this allegation until he can produce proof.

In the meantime, we are wondering just how long the Unitarian Church of Montreal is going to bear with this man’s rage-filled harassment.  No individual would tolerate such abusive and obsessive behaviour; they would, as we have urged, use Canada’s laws regarding stalking (or, as the statute describes it, “criminal harassment”) to enjoin relief.  It is clear this man will not listen to reason.  The time for restrained warnings is long past.  It is time for this man to be restrained once and for all.

  1. Robin does have one very vocal UU minister supporting him- David G. Markham, of the UU A Way Of Life blog, as you can see at this post: But as Markham has a number of other offensive views, such as calling American service men and women mercenaries and war criminals, saying that no UU minister could morally defend being a Chaplain, and openly calling for those in uniform to mutiny, he isn’t taken seriously either.

  2. Is David Markham really a minister? He has never said he is, and we cannot find any evidence that he’s even ordained. True, he has naively defended Robin Edgar, allowed his comments, and even called him ‘prophetic’ on more than one occasion. We would think, however, that Robin Edgar would at least attach a name to anybody foolish enough to give him such gushing praise. So, the question remains, of who this mystery minister is – or even whether he or she exists.

  3. Robin has written fake notes in his own support before and signed them with other names.

  4. Interesting! If you can show examples, that would enlighten many. Not that we are surprised by this, tho.

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