The Lesson for UUs

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2010 at 8:45 am

Is there anything which Unitarian Universalists can learn from Robin Edgar’s incessant, childish and rage-filled attacks against our denomination?  Yes.  It is that, as much as we would like to see the good in human beings, there are some individuals with whom even a liberal and generous movement such as ours simply cannot and should not work with.

Robin Edgar wants UUs to listen to him.  We have.  We have heard the same complaints, insults and irrational demands for “justice” over and over and over again.  Robin Edgar continues to repeat himself, and will not stop.  The time for listening is past.

UUs have asked Robin Edgar to behave, at the very least, in a civil and cordial manner.  He has done so on only rare occasions, and more often has launched into ad hominen attacks, vulgar and juvenile insults, and outrageous denunciations.

UUs have tried to ignore him.  But narcissists like Robin Edgar, like Glenn Close’s borderline character in Fatal Attraction, are not going to be ignored.  So he continues to picket, bloviate, and obsess at the slightest provocation.  The only question is whether he is making up provocations for the excuse of lashing out, or whether he actually sees them where none exist.

When Meg Riley talks about a vote in the United States Senate, he uses it as a platform for talking about “Unitarian*Universalist clergy misconduct of ALL kinds” (and, for those of you unfamiliar with “Robin-speak”, this is his way of saying how much he thinks UU ministers deserve to be vilified and harassed by his “Emerson Avenger persona” because he did not like the way he alleges one minister talked to him, and that nobody has found cause to pursue his endless complaints and demands for retribution).

When one member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal allegedly makes an off-colour remark in his direction, he latches onto the man like a rabid pit bull on a child, obsessively attacking and belittling him, rather than take the high road like the “reasonable” and “well-behaved” person he claims to “really” be.

A number of UU bloggers have commented on how, too often, leaders of UU congregations are overly tolerant of clearly destructive individuals who come into their midst.  Robin Edgar is the worst-case example of such an individual.  As much as we believe in the worth and dignity of every person, that very same principle demands that we protect ourselves and others from those who, by their very destructive actions, demonstrate more than anything how little they respect or understand that principle.

It is high time that the Unitarian Church of Montreal protect its members and visitors from this destructive individual – permanently.  It is high time that the UCM’s leadership utilised the legal options available in Canada’s criminal code, and see to it that Robin Edgar is given a taste of real justice.

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