Robin Edgar’s Newest Bizarre Complaint

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2011 at 5:09 am

So Robin Edgar continues his picketing and harassing of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, explicitly stating that he chose a Saturday concert instead of a Sunday service ‘because they normally attract non-Unitarian members of the public’.  So much for merely protesting for a redress of his grievances; it is clear he’s out to embarass and bad-mouth Unitarian Universalists for not kow-towing to his demands.

We also noticed this interesting observation on his ‘Emerson Avenger’ post:

‘[U]nlike some concerts held at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, this one was very well attended by members of the non-U*U public, including quite a few twenty something people who were most probably university students. This unusually high number of students showing up for a classical concert at the Unitarian Church of Montreal might have *something* to do with the fact that students were granted free admission rather than a reduced ticket price.

Can U*Us say “recruiting”?’

Yes, Robin Edgar, Unitarian Universalists reach out to college students and young people, even offering incentives for them to attend their events and meet like-minded people.  So does every other religious group.  So do political groups and college fraternities.

You yourself tried to ‘recruit’ other people into holding your ‘Creation Day’ services whenever there was a total eclipse of the sun, based on your belief that God put it there for some significant purpose.  Then, when the Montreal church decided it wasn’t worth the time and resources to host your events, you threw a temper tantrum.  Now you’ve been on a hate-filled, insult-laden crusade ever since, even trying to recruit other people into joining that crusade, and when they don’t back your actions one hundred percent, then you turn against them, too.

Groups like the Montreal church have the right to recruit.  They also have the right to refuse or withdraw membership to those who violate their rules.  That’s what they did, and it’s time you got over it.  But since it is abundantly clear, after so many fruitless years, that you are totally incapabale of moving on, then you need help, in the form of a qualified mental health therapist.

As for the Montreal church, we repeat once more that it is high time you deal with this stalker once and for all.  File a complaint of criminal harassment under Section 264 of Canada’s criminal code.  Get this man off your sidewalk permanently, before he goes off the deep end and seeks a ‘permanent’ solution to his endlessly increasing list of complaints.

  1. I can’t stop asking myself that question : why DON’T they complain and call the police? If he continues to be there every freaking week… It’s harassement indeed.

  2. The Montreal Church has complained, and has filed restraining orders. Robin Edgar contends that they are abridging his right to ‘peaceful public protest.’ And he has lashed out at Montreal Police who have warned him off. Rememnber, in his mind, Robin Edgar is never wrong.

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