What If Robin Edgar Ran the UUA

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2011 at 1:59 am

For years now, Robin Edgar has been trying to pass himself off as a ‘voice of conscience’ for Unitarian Universalists, dictating how he thinks the UUA and other groups should do things, from ministerial ethics to protests and membership policies (oh, and let’s not forget his idea of holding an interfaith celerbration every time there is a solar eclipse).

So we have to wonder – if Robin Edgar were actually in charge of the Unitarian Universalist Association, what would happen?  Based on his writings and behaviour, here are some thoughts:

  • Say good-bye to democracy.  Since Robin Edgar was expelled from the Unitarian Church of Montreal by a democratic vote of their membership, and since this is such a sticking point for him, we could foresee that he would institute some way of vetoing or overriding such votes in the future, if not doing away with them altogether.
  • Whither the CUC?  The Montreal church is under the direct purview of the CUC, and yet Robin Edgar has focused so much of his rage and obsession on the UUA.  Either he does not think the Canadian Unitarian Council exists, or he believes it to be merely a puppet of the UUA.  We can only imagine how relations between the two groups would sour.
  • So long to UU ministers.  Robin Edgar has had it in for so many of them, constantly demanding that they be held to a standard of behaviour so outrageously high that it would drive many of them away, and those who did not leave would face constant scrutiny and draconian sanctions for even the smallest of infractions.
  • He would likely cripple the ability of local churches and fellowships to exclude or remove disruptive individuals from membership.  That, unfortunately, would lead to many current members leaving, local congregations collapsing, and a considerable number of surviving congregations choosing to leave rather than submit to his whims.
  • So long to UU atheists and humanists, for whom Robin Edgar saves a considerable amount of venom.  Having blamed ‘fundamentalist atheists’ for his own supposed downfall (gee, Robin, we never knew you were high enough to fall from anywhere) he would begin the first-ever purge of UU membership rolls based on belief.

This is all speculation of course, and if it sounds disturbing to you, please just consider the mind of the man we are dealing with.  Robin Edgar has set himself up as the sole arbiter of what UUs ought to be doing, all centred around his own fixations and wounded ego.  He has been asked what he wants, and whenever he chooses to answer, his demands are so grandiose and unrealistic, they cannot be taken seriously.  But the damage he has done, and continues to do, must be taken seriously.  UUs need to keep this man at a distance, and continue to insist that he gets the professional help he obviously needs.

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