A New Name for Robin Edgar’s Blog

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2011 at 10:51 pm

The most tiresome thing about Robin Edgar’s relentless rants is his endless repetition of ridiculous phrases.  Big Fat U*U is clearly one of his favorites.  We wonder if he just sits in his room, staring at his computer screen, yelling over and over and over:

Big Fat U*U!  Big Fat U*U!  Big Fat U*U!  Big Fat U*U!

Mental health professionals refer to such behaviour as ‘perseveration’ – the useless repetition of a phrase or activity long after the external stimulus which initially provoked it has passed.

Robin Edgar’s whole approach to Unitarian Universalism has been a hotbed of perseveration.  He repeats the same phrases over and over.  He harasses and insults the same people over and over.  He pickets churches and conferences over and over.

To what end?  Will there ever be an end?

He calls his blog ‘The Emerson Avenger,’ appropriating a phrase from the famous Unitarian thinker.  We would suggest, however, that it be more accurate and appropriate to call it: ‘The Perseverating Avenger.’

What say you, Mister Edgar?  If you’re going to mindlessly repeat yourself so obsessively, then why not give your platform a name which truly reflects your behaviour?

  1. Unless Robin’s financial situation has changed and he is gainfully employed, he is supported by the state and has lots of time to “rant” against whomever.

    It has has come to the attention of UCM that he is targeting women as they enter the church and he is taking pictures of individuals without their permission. The courts thatdetermined that to do so is an invasion of privacy and therefore illegal under the Charter. i know that Robin reads this blog so here’s a message to Robin: “Be forewarned the church is looking into this and the necessary steps are being taken to have you cease and desist, govern yourself accordingly.”

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