Robin Edgar Targets Crown Prosecutors

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2011 at 2:05 pm

The latest post from Robin Edgar shows him adding yet another group to his ‘hit list’.  After attempting to gain attention by waving his anti-UU picket signs during the Crown Prosecutor strike in Montreal, he has decided to picket the prosecutors themselves.

He displays photos of himself holding signs, in English and French, reading: “Quebec Crown Prosecutors Endanger Charter Rights and Freedoms”.

At the bottom of his post, his labels include: “U*U criminalization of dissent” and “Unitarian Church of Montreal”.

We can only deduce that, since prosecutors in the area had seen fit to pursue criminal charges against him at least once, Robin Edgar has lumped them in with Unitarian Universalists as his sworn enemies, against whom he claims the right to lash out in his usual petulant manner.

Strange that a man who would punish any and every UU minister for publishing blog comments of which he disapproves, claims in the name of ‘dissent’ that he has the right to engage in criminal harassment of others, and that prosecutors should therefore ignore their obligation to pursue criminal cases.  Another example of hypocrisy rooted in this man’s narcissistic view of the world.

Robin Edgar fails to distinguish between dissent and harassment.  It is not Robin Edgar’s particular beliefs about total eclipses or Unitarian Universalists which has led to criminal actions against him.  It is the manner in which he chose to express those opinions, even to the point of forcing them upon others.  Yes, he has a right to his beliefs (and we and others have the right to respond to them).  No, he does not have the right to use them as an excuse to disrupt activities and bully others.

Robin Edgar’s actions and perseverations have often reminded us of the relentless picketing of Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, first against gays and lesbians and their allies, and now extending to military funerals, claiming that such deaths are God’s punishment on the United States for its tolerance towards gays.  By adding civil servants to his ‘hit list,’ it appears that this eerie similarity is growing only stronger.

  1. Here’s one you may find amusing: In comments to a post about unions and declining wages, Robin used those same Crown Prosecutors as a segue to turn the discussion around to himself! It happened at “the yes church”:

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