Robin Edgar: Desperate for Attention

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2011 at 3:10 am

As we reported earlier, Robin Edgar has now directed his ire at Quebec’s Crown Prosecutors.  How curious that he waits for their strike and picket line at Montreal’s Palais de Justice in order to express his displeasure at them for … doing their jobs.

He has now been picketing their pickets for the past few days, carrying signs accusing them of ‘undermining [Canadian] Charter Rights and Freedoms’, taking pictures and videos of himself, and at one point arguing with one of the picketers.

A noteworthy line from his latest video monologue: ‘There goes the RDI truck, or maybe it’s just arriving…’

RDI, by the way, is Le Réseau de l’information, Radio Canada’s Francophone news channel.  Tell us, Mister Edgar, is this the reason you’ve decided to latch onto the Crown Prosecutor’s protest like a leech?  Are you now so desperate for attention that you must lash out at public servants for fulfilling their obligations under law?

Apparently so.  Robin Edgar has been craving attention for years now, and he doesn’t care how obnoxious or irrelevant his actions in order to get it.  So long as he has eyes and cameras turned towards him (even if it’s only his own, with him standing giving yet another rambling statement about how others are trying to ‘intimidate’ him from trying to intimidate others) his narcissism is being fed.  The problem with all of that is that narcissism is a very hungry beast indeed; if you do not feed it continually, then it will feed on you!

How pitiful a sight to see a man waste so much energy and effort, all for the hope of getting more attention, and wondering why others find him so annoying.  He calls it a ‘counter-protest’, but all we see is someone being counter-productive.


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