How Robin Edgar Defamed the UUA

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2011 at 5:32 am

In our previous post, we mentioned (among other things) that Robin Edgar has resorted to defamation as part of his continual harassment of Unitarian Universalists.

We would anticipate that he would, once again, angrily insist on knowing how exactly he has defamed the UUA.  So we feel compelled to explain in advance.

Robin Edgar has repeatedly alleged that the UUA and its Ministerial Fellowship Committee engaged in a ‘cover-up’ regarding sexual assault charges against Reverend Mack Mitchell in 1991.

Not only was Mitchell reported to police in 1991 by members of his own Northborough church, and not only was the matter covered in news media, but the MFC promptly investigated the matter and voted to remove Mitchell from ministerial fellowship, as reported by the UUA’s Information Officer at the time.

So, Mister Edgar, where is this ‘cover-up’ of which you are alleging?  Did the UUA attempt to silence the press, or refuse to comment on the matter?  No, on both counts.  The press covered as they should, and the UUA reported that they followed their procedures for reviewing the evidence and removed Mitchell from their roster of ministers.

And yet, you have continued to accuse the UUA of a ‘cover-up’ in the matter.  The facts have been brought to your attention which contradict your accusation, and what do you do?  You persist in making the accusation.

That, sir, is defamation!

You can use whatever rationalizations you wish to justify such irresponsible statements, but the fact remains that you made a baseless allegation calculated to discredit a group, and when once made aware of the facts to the contrary, refuse to retract your statement and indeed keep repeating it.

Robin Edgar tries to position himself as the moral judge for Unitarian Universalist ministers and leaders.  His hypocritical actions demonstrate that he has no business doing so.

  1. He has recently issued a challenge that you show where he’s made these accusations. He says yes he’s accused one UU lay leader of trying to cover up Mitchell’s misconduct, but he’s defiant in saying you are wrong.

  2. Yes, we are aware of this. The full exchange he refers to is found at Yet even there, Robin Edgar is speaking out of both sides of his mouth, shifting his focus first on the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee, then on UU blogger Desmond Ravenstone. Aside from the fact that neither the MFC nor any other body of the UUA attempted to ‘cover up’ anything regarding Reverend Mack Mitchell crimes (in fact, the UUA issues a press release announcing the MFC’s decision to remove him from fellowship) Robin Edgar produces no facts or even logic to bolster his accusation against Mister Ravenstone

    How convenient that Robin Edgar forgets about his blog post of 31 October 2006 on the Mitchell case … then his comments on Google groups on 4 June 2007 … and again on his blog on 27 February 2010. That’s all from a cursory search.

    It will be interesting to see what Robin Edgar will have to say in response to this. We also invite other readers to present additional evidence.

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