Robin Edgar Resorts to Slander and Racism Against Rev. Peter Morales

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Once again, Robin Edgar has stooped to new lows in his unending lashing out against Unitarian Universalists.  This time, the current target of his obsessive rage is UUA President Reverend Peter Morales, first with a post insinuating (in his lame yet outrageous style of ‘parody and satire’) that Morales has ‘demonized and marginalized’ a whole host of groups to which Mister Edgar claims the right to speak on behalf of.  He gives no evidence that Morales has indeed done anything to deserve such a comment, but this is par for the course with his previous behaviour, seeking any and every excuse to bash and belittle UUs in a desperate attempt to inflate himself.

But it is the post following this which is even more offensive.  In response to Morales’ observations regarding the Maricopa County sheriff’s office under Joe Arpaio, Robin Edgar labels Morales the ‘token Latino Hispanic President of the UUA’, further accusing Morales of hypocrisy because, as far as Robin Edgar is concerned, the UUA does not have enough Hispanics in its ranks to speak the truth in love regarding racism.

There is an enormous difference between the UUA, which has been making efforts to deal with issues of race and ethnicity, and a sheriff’s department with appallingly disproportionate statistics for its community (both in the lack of Hispanic officers and the high number of Hispanics arrested by the department).  But to lower himself to such an offensive personal attack against Morales only shows just how far this man is willing to go to draw attention to himself, and to artificially prop himself by tearing others down.

Mister Edgar, if the only way you can make yourself feel worth and dignity is to lash out at others, call them names, and resort to racism and slander, then you have no claim to feel outraged or indignant when the target of your endless ire either refuse to respond, or express how you have hurt and demeaned them.  How dare you attempt to make yourself the judge of who lives up to UU ideals, when you yourself go out of your way to do the opposite.

Shame on you!

  1. I find Mr. Edgar’s whole attitude and approach very puzzling. I wonder if he has found a spiritual or religious path that works for him. If he put a fraction of the time and energy that he spends on bashing UUs into some other spiritual path that he finds rewarding, he would be a much happier person.

    For many years I was a member of an evangelical Christian church that has its share of problems, both in their theology and their leadership. I finally left because I could no longer abide their theology.

    I’ll admit that when I first left that church, I was angry. I spent some time bashing that church and its leadership. But after a few months I found a spiritual path that worked for me, and I realized it was time to move on.

    Wallowing in negativity can feel good in a perverse way when you feel you’ve been wronged. But staying in it for too long is destructive, especially to yourself.

    C’mon, Mr. Edgar. It’s time to move on. Get over it.


  2. Well said. So many have said the same, that it is time for Mister Edgar to move on. Why won’t he? The prevailing theory is a combination of narcissism and obsession. He is so focused on his victimhood (and then contradictorily saying he is not a victim, while all the while complaining about all the UUs who have done him wrong) that he cannot move past the past. So he rants and raves and rails over and over and over. What we find most disturbing is the increase in rage and references to violence in his rants. Hopefully the Unitarian Church of Montreal and other UUs will keep their guard up around this man.

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