What Robin Edgar Needs to Learn from Television

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Readers may have noticed that we have chosen not to respond to Robin Edgar’s last two ‘Emerson Avenger’ posts.  The major reason we have decided is because, once again, he is simply rehashing the same tired old complaints, and re-enacting the same tired old antics.

We have noted Robin Edgar’s inability to learn from the failure of his actions – indeed, how he often justifies his outrageous statements and behaviour.

Anybody who watches television will tell you that repeats are boring.  Their only real benefit is to provide  viewers who had missed the first-run broadcast an additional chance to see it.  Otherwise, it just fills empty space.

The authorship of this blog has therefore decided to no longer respond to any post by Robin Edgar when it is merely a mindless repeat of what he had done or said before.  If and when there is a change, then we will respond.

To be honest, we don’t expect him to change any time soon.  But we encourage our readers to stay posted, and to share your news and comments.

  1. Then I think this is goodbye since he hasn’t said anything new in years and probably won’t start now.

  2. robin edgar was in toronto this year. it acteually made me happy to see the youth tell him to f**k himself.

  3. Unfortunately, that only reinforces his belief that he’s righteous and persecuted. Perhaps better to ask why he does not do anything more constructive than lash out at an entire group for not submitting to his will.

  4. Who knows? Good chance he will find yet another target, or that he will escalate his attacks. We will keep watching.

  5. I hope Robin is reading this. I have posted comments on Emerson Avenger and just get smug self-righteous answers. He keeps saying UU is “anti-theist” and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I am a theistic UU and have never felt more welcome and spiritual than in my UU church. Robin just keeps cherry-picking what he wants people to believe, never seeing the good that our denomination does. So why doesn’t HE do some good for a change? Why is he wasting so much time and energy trying to tear us down?

  6. Worse, he distorts and exaggerates, so not just selecting what’s bad but blowing it out of proportion.

  7. Take a look at what he posted today. He is completely off the chain now. His remarks remind me of what Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh said after the disaster in Haiti.

  8. He seems to have a follower now called “Former UU Woman” who complains about how her minister treated her. Wonder where’s she from?

  9. Have you seen his latest run of posts? He might as well stick his thumbs in his ears, wag his fingers and stick out his tongue going NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH! Did this guy ever grow up?

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