Robin Edgar Discovers Twitter

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2011 at 7:53 pm

When Robin Edgar could not get the attention he craved by writing long, insulting letters to members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, not to mention any and every staffperson and leader in the Canadian Unitarian Council and Unitarian Universalist Association, what did he do?  Resort to harassing the UCM and other UUs with pickets.

When the pickets did not get the attention he craved, what did he do?  Use email and discussion lists to lash out at UUs everywhere and claim victimhood status?

When that did not work?  He created his very own blog, not to mention posting lengthy rants and screeds on other people’s blogs, even blogs and blog posts which have nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism, much less his claims of being ‘persecuted’ and ‘abused’.

Likewise, all but a minority of UUs have blocked him from their emails and blogs.  So what has Robin Edgar done?

He’s discovered Twitter – and, in true obsessive form, he has begun a tweeting rampage, complete with a renewed fixation with ‘Big Fat U*U Assholes’!

Fortunately, Twitter has a block feature, and we encourage UUs to take advantage of this to keep @RobinEdgar from clogging your account with more inane attacks, insults and so-called ‘parody and sarcasm’.  For those who need help, here is a link to walk you through it.

  1. He’s really at it now, slamming every tweeting UU he can find and then bragging about it. I hope somebody reports his abuses to Twitter and shuts him down.

  2. Twitter has been known to suspend or terminate accounts if enough people block that individual.

  3. Now he’s got a Youtube video of a chimp firing an AK-47, saying he’s thinking of training a “guerilla army” for the “U*U jihad.”

  4. We have noted before his constant use of violent imagery. This is the worst yet. We can only hope that police are keeping an eye on this disturbed man.

  5. Interesting case regarding Twitter harassment:

    “Even the Buddha of compassion might have been distressed to be on the receiving end of the diatribes that William Lawrence Cassidy is accused of posting on Twitter.

    They certainly rattled Alyce Zeoli, a Buddhist leader based in Maryland. Using an ever-changing series of pseudonyms, the authorities say, Mr. Cassidy published thousands of Twitter posts about Ms. Zeoli. Some were weird horror-movie descriptions of what would befall her; others were more along these lines: “Do the world a favor and go kill yourself. P.S. Have a nice day.”

    Those relentless tweets landed Mr. Cassidy in jail on charges of online stalking and placed him at the center of an unusual federal case that asks the question: Is posting a public message on Twitter akin to speaking from an old-fashioned soapbox, or can it also be regarded as a means of direct personal communication, like a letter or phone call?”

  6. Makes you wonder why Robin Edgar has not been prosecuted for his stalking as of yet.

  7. When he started tweeting at me, I blocked him. He was following my account no doubt because I made some UU comments. Blocking makes it so he is unable to follow you and your tweets don’t show up in his timeline AND you don’t see his tweet backs in your timeline when he writes @…. .

    Thank goodness I read about who he was ages ago so the reaction was instant to his negativity. I’m surprised he has followers and more surprised that those he follows haven’t blocked him yet so he can no longer follow them etc.

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