‘I know Robin Edgar…’

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We had received this comment a couple of months ago, but hesitated to post it until we made some effort to check it out as best as we can.  Even so, we would not be surprised if Robin Edgar goes off on another one of his tirades, accusing us of ‘more moronic Big Fat U*U BS.’

Well, he can make all the accusations he wants.  Read the comment for yourselves, and decide:

Came across your website and read thru it. I know Robin Edgar from years before, none of this surprises me or others I know who know about him. I’m not Unitarian, or any religion for that matter, but I lived with him in a boarding house here in Montreal. He can come across as nice enough, but as you say he is indeed obsessive. Cameras, for example. He can’t just tell you he took a picture, he has to describe in detail exactly what camera he is using, even his technical opinion, showing off what a great photographer he thinks he is.

I was around when he had his revelation, and like everything else he gets fixed on, he could not stop talking about it. Was convinced he could start his own religious movement around total eclipses, that the Unitarians would be a good place to start. Then things started falling apart, and the rest you know.

You also got right how he handles criticism or disagreement. If you ever cross him, he goes halfcocked about you being crazy or stupid or immoral. It’s hot and cold with him, you are either totally with him or you must be totally against him. He keeps losing friends, either driving them away or going all ballistic on him, then he’ll deny saying what he said or how he yells at people, then when he’s cornered and shown yes he said X Y Z or lost his cool, he goes on justifying it because nothing is ever his fault. Also takes a lot of things the wrong way, sometimes twists it around in really bizarre ways.

Robin has driven away more friends than anyone I know, and he is downright oblivious to his own problems.  People have suggested he see someone, get counseling or learn how to deal better with people. Like you said, that is the worst, he will explode like an atom bomb, how dare anyone say he has any kind of problem. Just like before, running hot and cold, he can only think crazy or sane, and if you are crazy he sees it as a moral failing.

The way Robin behaves gets him in so much trouble, he has a very hard time holding down a job or living in any one place long enough. The few people he can still manage to relate with try not to bring up the Unitarian thing, or just humour him. The alternative of going thru the same old routine – blow up, attack people, deny he did it, be shown he did, then hear him justify everything he just denied – is not worth it for some, but most can only handle that for so long. The only thing unusual is how long he has obsessed with the Unitarians, I think because he figures they are the most convenient target so he can keep denying and avoiding his own problems.

Robin Edgar, we know you read this blog.  Rest assured, we did take considerable steps to have some background checked before deciding to post this.  You can continue to deny and lash out at us, but this is not a ‘Big Fat U*U’ problem.  This is your problem, and it is more obvious to those around you than you realize.  We have said it before, we will say it again, as apparently so many have said to you before: You need professional help.  Stop avoiding, denying, blaming and attacking.

  1. Thanks for posting this. It explains a lot. I think ultimately it should evoke compassion. Not tolerance of his behavior, but compassion. It did for me. And I second your ongoing call to him to seek help.

  2. So was he a Unitarian before his revelation? This letter makes it sound like he just saw Unitarians as easy targets.

  3. According to a UU blogger who has chronicled a timeline of the relevant events, Robin Edgar claims to have had his revelation in early 1992, then joined the Unitarian Church of Montreal sometime in 1993. When his request for a second ‘Creation Day’ event was rejected, he requested a meeting with the new minister, Reverend Ray Drennan; he also insisted that this meeting take place at his apartment, asserting this was necessary to present his views.

    To say that Robin Edgar ‘saw Unitarians as easy targets’ presumes some malicious intent on his part. We have no evidence of this, at least not in the beginning of this sad story. It does seem, however, that his frustration and disappointment, combined with other factors, has led him to go from advocating a seemingly positive message into a negative and (self-)destructive crusade.

  4. Sounds like a sick and twisted narcissistic sociopath. People like him don’t deserve an ounce of attention. But it’s so hard when so many people become entangled.

  5. Certainly there is narcissism, and we would prefer that he receive as little attention as possible. Unfortunately, there are still some Unitarian Universalists (and others) who naively propose that people ‘give him the benefit of the doubt.’ What they most likely do not realise is that he has been given that benefit several times over, and each time he has taken advantage of it to spew vitriol at so many.

  6. I came across this fellow’s blogs, and I must confess, I do find him fascinating! While I’d love to meet him (as a curiosity), I can imagine that dealing with him could be unrewarding in the long-term.

    It is evident that he has an issue with fixations/obsessions, ranting ‘at’ people (rather than ‘talking to’ them) and has poor social skills. Have you considered that he may suffer from asperger’s disorder (or something on the autism spectrum?). His in-depth technical knowledge of and interest in cameras seems to fit here.

  7. You are not the first to think of this. One UU blogger apparently suggested this to him, and from what was reported Robin Edgar responded exactly the same way as when people suggested he might have a personality disorder. His long-winded rants on his blog, including responses to comments from members of the Asperger and Autism community, shows that he thinks any suggestion that he is ‘not normal’ is exactly the same as being called ‘psychotic’. So, whether Robin Edgar has Aspergers or any other condition, he will simply refuse to accept the possibility; worse, he will go out of his way to lash out in anger at anybody who would dare suggest such a thing. Now you know why we make every commenter anonymous! Such behaviour also points to something more than just Aspergers or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  8. He’s an Aspie with a nasty personality disorder. Or to put it formally, he has Aspberger’s Syndrome with a comorbid severe personality disorder. Avoid this man like the plague. The belief that he deserves ‘the benefit of the doubt’ is a well-known phenomenon called “idiot compassion.” The naive folks who hold this view should arrange a meeting with him. After they experience being used as a rant-receptacle for an hour plus, they will understand.

  9. People can be compassionate without being enabling. It calls for setting and maintaining good boundaries.

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