Robin Edgar Served?

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The latest from Robin Edgar is his objection to a Canadian law firm, ostensibly representing the Unitarian Universalist Association and specific minister, serving him a notice that he ‘cease and desist’ from his more offensive and sexually charged comments.  In particular, he fixates on references to a law against ‘blasphemous libel’, insisting that, in spite of his repeated verbal attacks and harassment, he is not ‘defaming the entire religion.’  Fitting for his narcissism, he delivers his objections in not one but two videos of him standing in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, rambling and ranting about his ‘right’ to endlessly lash out with deliberately offensive comments.

One thing missing from this whole response: actual proof that this is for real!  Yes, Robin Edgar has copied a portion of a letter, but nothing more.  He has also held up two pieces of paper and read from them, claiming that they were sent to him as a PDF file.  Let us now leave aside the fact that (according to a solicitor we consulted) such notices must be delivered by certified mail; the question remains why Mister Edgar has not posted both a scanned copy the entire contents of this letter and evidence of its delivery.  Additionally, it is interesting to note that the Canadian Unitarian Council – the official voice for Unitarian Universalism in Canada – is conspicuously absent from all of this.

Yes, we have reason to doubt Mister Edgar’s truthfulness.  He has been known for distorting what others say, selectively reporting on events, and even making brazen false accusations (ie, accusing a minister of plagiarizing him about a map’s resemblance to a bird).  He has made numerous claims without any proof, such as his supposed ‘certificate of sanity’, and launched into self-righteous tirades when asked to produce evidence to back his dubious statements.

Let us actually see this letter, Robin Edgar.  Let us see proof that everything you claim is indeed true.  And even if it is true, it is no excuse for your continuing to attack, harass and offend just to fill your narcissistic craving for attention and warped ideas of vindication.

  1. Robin is dishonest, but I don’t think he’s able to write that well.

  2. Legal documents do not require that much talent, they basically follow a prescribed form. Of course, we do not expect Mister Edgar to show the totality of this correspondence; he had refused to do so in prior cases (or worse, insist he already has, even when no such evidence exists online).

  3. Apparently Robin Edgar has gone off his meds. Or he’s had an acute psychotic episode. Does he realize how insane he comes off, particularly to the non-UU world (as if he doesn’t appear insane enough to us), in response to whom he is wide-spectrum, non-sequitur Tweeting, surely in hopes of generating web hits. He must feed off of his hit counter.

  4. Our own speculation is that he is desperate for attention, so he will even manufacture ‘evidence’ that he is being ‘victimized’ by the UUA, then angrily deny that he considers himself a victim. Psychologists call this ‘narcissistic supply’.

    His latest Emerson Avenger blog post shows another false UUA press release (what he calls ‘parody’ and ‘satire’) around his allegation that he is being sued or criminally charged.

    Mister Edgar: If your allegations about this legal action are indeed true, why have you not yet been officially served notice?

  5. I think you’re onto something with regard to Robin Edgar’s mental health. While it’s often been suggested that he his autistic or has Asperberger;s Syndrome, traits of which he clearly manifests, narcissistic personality disorder comes much closer to the mark. Unfortunately, it is much harder to treat than most mental illnesses or other personality disorders. Calls for Robin Edgar to seek psychiatric care may be futile, even if he finally does realize that he is ill and needs help.

  6. What we’ve been told is that Cluster B Personality Disorders are indeed the most difficult to treat, both because individuals with such disorders can continue to function, but also, they persistently refuse to see where they are the source of the problem in their interactions and relationships with others. Still, giving up on somebody – even Robin Edgar – goes against our shared principles. All we can do is keep pointing out the dysfunctional folly of his ways, and keep hoping.

  7. Another interesting aspect to l’affaire Edgar is that he continues to seek apologies from an organization that he obviously has no high regard for–a tiny, declining, minority, fringe religious movement (or something like that). Moreover he keeps searching for further “evidence” that it’s not only bad, but even worse than he suspected (“knew”) it to be! So what value would an apology carry from such an association comprised of such despicable people, who have been “complicit” for years in denying him his (very idiosyncratically understood) justice? And further, what is his obsession with the US-based UUA? Let him deal with (harangue, harass) the Canadian Unitarian Council!

  8. Yes, this would all make sense to a sensible, well-balanced mind. But we are dealing with Robin Edgar, who has demonstrated time and again how obsessive and narcissistic he is. ‘How dare the UUs treat me this way! I’ll show them!’ And so he engages in endless, relentless picketing, blog posting, letter writing, commenting on other people’s forums, counting Google hits, and so on and so forth.

    All we can do is present the other side of the story, so those who stumble upon Robin Edgar unawares can learn the truth. That, and hope and pray that one day he gets the help he needs.

  9. I have had my first encounter with Edgar on a site where I post. A column by Peter Morales was printed there, and Edgar now has posted repeated comments. I tried responding, but the moderators came to my aid by limiting my responses, as they only provided new opportunities for him to repeat himself.

    While this encounter startled me, in retrospect I am surprised he is the only one to have made a career of attacking us. So I have decided that he imagines himself to be like the Saul who persecuted the early Christians. He is keeping at it, because it is required for the anticipated theophany of salvation. But nothing after 15 years? I guess everything takes more time these days.

  10. Worse, he’s now attacking other UUs for “trolling” while he has trolled and flamed all across the Internet more than anybody else we’ve observed. More than a double standard, it is sheer hypocrisy.

  11. Just curious….how come Edgar never comments on this blog? You’d think he would.

  12. Mister Edgar has sent a couple of rage-filled and histrionic comments, which we have not seen fit to publish. We also applaud those bloggers, UU and otherwise, who exercise their perogative to rein in what he, or any other troll, would say.

  13. I came about these books, which seem to describe this kind of behaviour and try to explain it. Why do people suddenly seek to destroy a pastor and/or a congregation? Also

    And you can read parts of it online. I bet you will have a feeling of deja vu. Seems that problem is common in the States. The author writes of “clergy killers” and “pathological antagonists”.

    Stand firm fellow UUs! (I am from Lachine.)

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