Robin Edgar’s Latest Manic Attacks

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Robin Edgar has been busy these past two days.

On Tuesday the 12th, two posts riddled with ‘Big Fat U*U’ in them.  Nineteen, to be exact.

But, curiously, on Wednesday the 13th, three posts with no recurrence of that – but plenty of lashing out and vague attacks.

You would think that someone with a difference of opinion over how an organization is run would respond to the retirement of its chief administrator with an optimistic note on the possibility of positive change.  No, Robin Edgar has to take more pot shots at Kay Montgomery.

And you would think that, if you talk repeatedly about ‘pedophiles and rapists’ in an organization, you would actually name some, as Robin Edgar had promised to do in his ‘New Year’s resolutions.’ Again, no such luck.  Robin Edgar prefers instead to be provocative and sensationalistic – or, should we say, ‘deliberately rude and offensive’?

Robin Edgar keeps demanding that the UUA listen to him.  Tell me, Mister Edgar, when you repeatedly describe them with terms like ‘douchebaggery,’ among other insults and perseverations, how do you expect them to take you seriously?

If this latest spate of manic attacks demonstrates anything, it is that Robin Edgar has no interest whatsoever in reconciliation or justice – only in lashing out and drawing attention to himself.

  1. Three years ago a new blog was started to give the issues Robin raised a sounding board, and he was issued a direct invitation to join in and discuss them with UU ministers and lay bloggers. He wasn’t interested.

  2. You know, we just saw what happens when someone is treated unjustly and never receives adequate compensation for it – look up Christopher Dorner. Let’s hope Robin never, ever snaps as hard as Dorner did.

    Robin needs to remember that all that happened to him was that he got snarked by a UU minister. Other people have faced SO MUCH WORSE in their lives, and never gone this far in their desire for revenge or whatever.

  3. No, we certainly don’t want to see Robin Edgar go in that direction, but we fear how worse things could get if he doesn’t get the help he needs.

  4. No, of course he wouldn’t. We noted before that another blogger had proposed the idea of an ombudsperson for the UUA. Robin Edgar did not even comment on that, despite the fact that it would have been a perfect avenue to take his many grievances. He’s shown time and again, he’s not interested in constructive pursuits – just lashing out at others.

  5. Along the lines of Robin Edgar not being interested in constructive pursuits it is notable that he has not mentioned that the UUMA recently updated their code of conduct: as you note he has no interest in being constructive, just lashing out.

  6. That’s really telling about Robin not being interested in positive constructive efforts that are about the big picture. It has to be about him, and about what happened to him, which as Anon 7pm mentioned, was just getting snarked! I’ve also started to notice that he posts on blogs, tweets etc. that are of a different subject, trying to make it about his problems. He also can’t understand that Stikeman Eliott aren’t going to respond to him (because they would need to be paid to do so…)..he can’t seem to understand that other people just really aren’t that interested in what happened to him…but to him the world turns on it! I can’t imagine what his internal world must be like….so self-focused, so lacking in the ability to gauge other people’s interests or social cues and, accordingly, unable to understand why the ‘justice’ he awaits never comes… He can’t be a happy guy.

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