Because One Angry Blog is Not Enough

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2013 at 9:43 pm

Well, it’s come to our attention that Robin Edgar has created yet another blog for lashing out at the targets of his disdain, this time the Montreal Police.

It used to be he was full of praise for them – when they didn’t arrest or caution him during one of his notorious pickets.  But now that Mister Edgar considers them ‘less than’ conciliatory towards him, he has felt the need to set up another blog among the list of various bizarrely-named platforms for his venom.

We have to wonder, considering how he calls ‘The Emerson Avenger’ his ‘alternate persona’, what does the presence of so many blogs in his name tell us about his personality?  We will leave it for you, readers, to decide.


  1. My interaction with Robin Edgar, has been that he attributes the collection of UU logo art to me, personally. I explained that I only created one logo, and the rest came from a collection of clip art. The reason that my name appears at all at the UUA website, is that I assembled all of the clip art, and created a font, which is more useful than clip art, because it is scalable. I didn’t make any value judgements about any of the other logos. My own logo might be criticized now, because I have noticed that it has a strong resemblance to the logo adopted by Joel Osteen, for his mega church complex. Perhaps Edgar would have a more attractive target there. The “Eye of Sauron” is fictional, but Joel Osteen is very real. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if that is a church that Edgar actually likes, if not the UUA. Incidentally, my comments correcting Edgar’s blog have been carefully blanked out, and Edgar refuses to retract the statement that I created the image that he detests so much.

  2. This is reminiscent of Edgar’s frequent attacks on the late Reverend Tim Jensen. He accused the minister of ‘plagiarism,’ and no matter how many times Jensen tried to explain the coincidence behind both of them seeing a peculiar US electoral map as resembling a bird, Edgar would have nothing of it. Remember, in his mind, everything apparently revolves around him.

  3. It is fascinating that he blanked Anon 10pm’s comments…that’s ‘memory-holing’!

  4. Actually, have you seen his other (now defunct) blog titles? ‘Robin Edgar for King of the UU World?!!”, Robin Edgar for God*Emperor of DU*UNE?!!, The Emerson Avenger for UUA President?!!’. He not only has delusions of persecution but also delusions of grandeur!

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