A Salute

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2015 at 11:48 pm

We note with sadness the departure of Desmond Ravenstone from the Unitarian Universalist community. While the authors of this blog did not necessarily endorse all of his views, we all respect his dedication to honesty, integrity, and a consistent application of UU principles

If one is seeking an antithesis of Robin Edgar, look no further than Mr Ravenstone. While he was not shy in challenging or criticizing the UUA and selected leaders, his tone was always one of offering constructive alternatives (such as instituting an ombudsman’s office) and avoiding personal attacks. He in fact became a frequent target of Mr Edgar, yet refused to let himself be dragged down to Edgar’s level.

Unitarian Universalism has lost a prophetic leader of keen intellect and compassionate insight. May his future journey continue to illuminate, and may others follow his example.

  1. It says something about you that you’re willing to salute someone who has criticized you. Desmond indeed deserves praise for his integrity, and for showing far more maturity than RE.

  2. Yes, Mr Ravenstone did express his disagreement with us. He has also provided keen insights and constructive proposals, and he doesn’t stoop to personal attacks or fabrications.

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