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Robin Edgar Served?

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The latest from Robin Edgar is his objection to a Canadian law firm, ostensibly representing the Unitarian Universalist Association and specific minister, serving him a notice that he ‘cease and desist’ from his more offensive and sexually charged comments.  In particular, he fixates on references to a law against ‘blasphemous libel’, insisting that, in spite of his repeated verbal attacks and harassment, he is not ‘defaming the entire religion.’  Fitting for his narcissism, he delivers his objections in not one but two videos of him standing in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, rambling and ranting about his ‘right’ to endlessly lash out with deliberately offensive comments.

One thing missing from this whole response: actual proof that this is for real!  Yes, Robin Edgar has copied a portion of a letter, but nothing more.  He has also held up two pieces of paper and read from them, claiming that they were sent to him as a PDF file.  Let us now leave aside the fact that (according to a solicitor we consulted) such notices must be delivered by certified mail; the question remains why Mister Edgar has not posted both a scanned copy the entire contents of this letter and evidence of its delivery.  Additionally, it is interesting to note that the Canadian Unitarian Council – the official voice for Unitarian Universalism in Canada – is conspicuously absent from all of this.

Yes, we have reason to doubt Mister Edgar’s truthfulness.  He has been known for distorting what others say, selectively reporting on events, and even making brazen false accusations (ie, accusing a minister of plagiarizing him about a map’s resemblance to a bird).  He has made numerous claims without any proof, such as his supposed ‘certificate of sanity’, and launched into self-righteous tirades when asked to produce evidence to back his dubious statements.

Let us actually see this letter, Robin Edgar.  Let us see proof that everything you claim is indeed true.  And even if it is true, it is no excuse for your continuing to attack, harass and offend just to fill your narcissistic craving for attention and warped ideas of vindication.


Robin Edgar Discovers Twitter

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When Robin Edgar could not get the attention he craved by writing long, insulting letters to members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, not to mention any and every staffperson and leader in the Canadian Unitarian Council and Unitarian Universalist Association, what did he do?  Resort to harassing the UCM and other UUs with pickets.

When the pickets did not get the attention he craved, what did he do?  Use email and discussion lists to lash out at UUs everywhere and claim victimhood status?

When that did not work?  He created his very own blog, not to mention posting lengthy rants and screeds on other people’s blogs, even blogs and blog posts which have nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism, much less his claims of being ‘persecuted’ and ‘abused’.

Likewise, all but a minority of UUs have blocked him from their emails and blogs.  So what has Robin Edgar done?

He’s discovered Twitter – and, in true obsessive form, he has begun a tweeting rampage, complete with a renewed fixation with ‘Big Fat U*U Assholes’!

Fortunately, Twitter has a block feature, and we encourage UUs to take advantage of this to keep @RobinEdgar from clogging your account with more inane attacks, insults and so-called ‘parody and sarcasm’.  For those who need help, here is a link to walk you through it.

What If Robin Edgar Ran the UUA

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For years now, Robin Edgar has been trying to pass himself off as a ‘voice of conscience’ for Unitarian Universalists, dictating how he thinks the UUA and other groups should do things, from ministerial ethics to protests and membership policies (oh, and let’s not forget his idea of holding an interfaith celerbration every time there is a solar eclipse).

So we have to wonder – if Robin Edgar were actually in charge of the Unitarian Universalist Association, what would happen?  Based on his writings and behaviour, here are some thoughts:

  • Say good-bye to democracy.  Since Robin Edgar was expelled from the Unitarian Church of Montreal by a democratic vote of their membership, and since this is such a sticking point for him, we could foresee that he would institute some way of vetoing or overriding such votes in the future, if not doing away with them altogether.
  • Whither the CUC?  The Montreal church is under the direct purview of the CUC, and yet Robin Edgar has focused so much of his rage and obsession on the UUA.  Either he does not think the Canadian Unitarian Council exists, or he believes it to be merely a puppet of the UUA.  We can only imagine how relations between the two groups would sour.
  • So long to UU ministers.  Robin Edgar has had it in for so many of them, constantly demanding that they be held to a standard of behaviour so outrageously high that it would drive many of them away, and those who did not leave would face constant scrutiny and draconian sanctions for even the smallest of infractions.
  • He would likely cripple the ability of local churches and fellowships to exclude or remove disruptive individuals from membership.  That, unfortunately, would lead to many current members leaving, local congregations collapsing, and a considerable number of surviving congregations choosing to leave rather than submit to his whims.
  • So long to UU atheists and humanists, for whom Robin Edgar saves a considerable amount of venom.  Having blamed ‘fundamentalist atheists’ for his own supposed downfall (gee, Robin, we never knew you were high enough to fall from anywhere) he would begin the first-ever purge of UU membership rolls based on belief.

This is all speculation of course, and if it sounds disturbing to you, please just consider the mind of the man we are dealing with.  Robin Edgar has set himself up as the sole arbiter of what UUs ought to be doing, all centred around his own fixations and wounded ego.  He has been asked what he wants, and whenever he chooses to answer, his demands are so grandiose and unrealistic, they cannot be taken seriously.  But the damage he has done, and continues to do, must be taken seriously.  UUs need to keep this man at a distance, and continue to insist that he gets the professional help he obviously needs.

Guilt By Association, Robin Edgar Style

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It’s not enough for Robin Edgar to go out of his way to insult and offend any and every UU who does not fulfill his egocentric need for attention and retribution.  (Remember, dear readers, he admits that such behaviour is deliberate on his part.)  Now he has to insinuate that all UU leaders are complicit in any and every action of which he disapproves.

His latest target: The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Why?  Well, let’s see…

He thinks Reverend Victoria Weinstein should be punished for certain statements made on her “Peacebang” blog, including statements which she herself removed.  If the Board does not agree, then the Board is complicit and therefore guilty.

He thinks that one or more UU ministers are behind this blog, and even though he has absolutely no proof of that, since the Board will not take action against us, then they are complicit and therefore guilty.

He continues to harp that Reverend Ray Drennan was verbally and psychologically abusive towards him, and therefore must be punished – even though he has been retired from active ministry for many, many years – and since the Board will not compel the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee to reopen the case simply because he demands it, then they are complicit and therefore guilty.

The list of “offenders” goes on and on – basically any UU who has the intelligence and fortitude to tell this man, ‘No, you cannot have your way simply because you believe you’re right about everything’ – and because the Board will not do as he demands (yes, he specifically told the Board in his latest communication that he demands that they act on his lengthy list of complaints) then they are just as guilty.

It’s like filing a lawsuit against your neighbor, and then when the judge determines there is no evidence and therefore no case, then you sue the judge for ‘complicity’ with the neighbor.  Worse, you sue anybody and everybody who had even the most remote association with the neighbor and the judge, all to bully them into giving you what you want.

One question, Mister Edgar – Are you even a member of any Unitarian Universalist congregation?  You could have joined the Lakeshore UU Congregation in the Montreal area, or the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  No?  So why do you keep complaining that the UUA, CUC and other UU bodies will not do as you say?  If you are not a member, then what standing do you have to demand such things of the Board?  Oh, that’s right – you were a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal … until they got fed up with your disruptive, abusive and obsessive antics, and after suspending your membership twice, finally decided enough was enough and showed you the door.  And what have you done since then?  Picket in front of that door, and demand that anybody who might hear you join in your rage-filled drive for ‘justice’.

All of this was based because, as you say, the former minister of the Montreal church alleged that you might be mentally ill.  So let’s put that to rest once and for all.  Go to a qualified and impartial psychiatrist, and let him or her evaluate you.  If, as you say, there is nothing to this allegation, then what are you afraid of?

To the Unitarian Church of Montreal

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CORRECTION: It turns out that a UCM member did indeed call Montreal police.  They dispatched a patrol, which quickly walked away.  As we comment below, we wonder why the police would advise the church to contact them whenever he pickets, only to refuse to take action.

In response to our last post, a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal had informed us that Montreal Police advised the church to contact them the next time Robin Edgar picketed them again.

Here is our question to the minister and leaders of UCM: Why didn’t you?

Robin Edgar reported picketing the church once again, this time while the CUC Eastern Region was meeting there.  Did the church leadership, or conference organizers, contact the police as they had been advised to do?  We would think that Mister Edgar would report if they did, but he gives no account of it in his rage-filled and insult riddled rant.

If the UCM, and other targets of Robin Edgar’s bile, truly wish to put an end to his harassment and bullying, then it is time they hold him to account.  If the police advise to call when he pickets, then do so, and do it every single time.  Bullies do not stop bullying unless they are shown consistently that their actions will have negative consequences.

The UCM has legal recourse to deal with this man, who has himself often threatened to ‘play hardball’.  It is high time the targets of his angry obsessive harassment responded in kind, and use whatever means they have at their disposal to hold him to account – including having him held in a jail cell.

Here We Go Again

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Round and round Robin Edgar goes.  When he’ll stop, nobody knows.

Yes, we’ve said this phrase before.  Then again, Robin Edgar has been saying the same, tired complaints over and over and over again, compared to repeating one phrase a second time after several months.

At the beginning of October, he posted on the “Emerson Avenger” that the Unitarian Church of Montreal would be ‘repeating [a] shameful image tarnishing history’, and promising ‘More about today’s interesting new developments in shameful Unitarian*Universalist history later.’

He never delivered on that promise.

Now, over three weeks later, Robin Edgar tries to hijack the ‘Sermon in Stones’ blog of Reverend Amy Zucker Morgenstern, to complain yet again about the UCM’s efforts to protect its members and visitors from his endless harassment, labelling those effoprts ‘ritualized dominance struggles’.  For evidence, he shows the same tired Youtube (sorry, ‘U*U-tube’) video of a UCM members calling the police on his cell phone.

So, Mister Edgar, once again you accuse Unitarian Universalists of something for which you yourself are far more guilty.  For years, you have been trying to dominate the discussion among UUs to talk about your gripes and complaints, and how you want the entire UUA and CUC to stop everything and listen to you, you, you.  Not to mention your pickets of the UCM, the UU Ministerial Association, and UUA General Assemblies over the years, which you so smugly label an ‘alternative spiritual practice’.

The hypocrisy.  The hypocrisy…

The very fact that Robin Edgar’s actions have become so hopelessly repetitive is the only reason we could call it ‘ritualized’.  But there is no doubt that Robin Edgar is engaged in a fruitless struggle for dominance within the UU world.  All UUs should listen to him, publish his ‘legitimate’ complaints on their blogs and online bulletin boards, and turn everything upside down to accommodate his craving for vengeance — oh, sorry, ‘restorative justice’.

The only sign of hope is how much further apart his blog posts are becoming.  One theory submitted to us in private is that he no longer has the computer access he once had.  That may be possible, but we don’t think he’d be willing to admit that, and we would think that someone as obsessed as he would find some way to feed his desire to keep up his attention-getting antics.

A second theory is that he is simply running out of steam.  He simply has nothing new to say.  Looking over his content, that is very likely, and we can only hope that he simply decides that his egocentric crusade has run its course, and now (finally!) it’s time to move on.

Then there is a third theory, which is rather frightening to mention (plus, we do not want to run the risk of giving Robin Edgar any more ideas)…

Robin Edgar’s Demands

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For years now, many people who have come across Robin Edgar on the Internet have asked him a very simple question: What exactly do you want?  Unfortunately, they do not always get such a straightforward answer.  They get Robin Edgar telling them that he has already told the whole wide world what he wants, and that it should be very easy for the questioners to find it themselves.  When they tell them that they have been looking, and still can’t find any list of demands posted by him anywhere, he just tells them to try harder.

So, we did.  Lo and behold, we found a list of four demands, buried in a thread of almost a hundred comments in response to a post on in 2008.  “Easy to find” indeed!

Let’s forget the fact that Robin Edgar could have simply included a link to the comment which includes this list, as he loves to do in so many of his comments.  Let’s forget that he could have copied and pasted the list anywhere over the past two years, as he does with so much of his long-winded correspondence.  Here are his four basic demands – and our questions following each:

“1. The Unitarian Church of Montreal, and the UUA, would finally get around to responsibly acknowledging the legitimacy and seriousness of my original grievances against Rev. Ray Drennan and subject him to appropriate disciplinary action for his clergy misconduct. Obviously, in that Rev. Drennan has resigned as minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, there may not be much in the way of disciplinary action that the UCM can subject him to now but the UUA`s Ministerial Fellowship Committee is certainly capable of doing so.”

Well, Mister Edgar, how are they supposed to do that after all these years?  First you demanded that Ray Drennan meet you privately in your apartment, so you can explain your vision to him (although failing to explain why you couldn’t do so anywhere else) and then when you do not like what he has to say, you demand that other UUs punish him.  Considering that this was all said in private, how can we be sure that your version of events is indeed accurate?  For all we know, Ray Drennan was trying to convey how your behaviour affected others in the church (and, with what we have seen of your behaviour, this is just as plausible a scenario).

“2. The Unitarian Church of Montreal, and the UUA, would responsibly acknowlege that they responded to my original grievances against Rev. Ray Drennan in manner that was negligent, effectively complicit, and unjustly punitive. They would also jointly and/or severally (as appropriate) acknowledge all of my additional legitimate grievances that arose as a result of their negligent responses to my original grievances.”

Are you forgetting, Mister Edgar, the Canadian Unitarian Council, which has had direct oversight over the UCM the entire time.  Oh, yes, you did in fact complain to them, too.  Not to mention the Quebec Human Rights Commission, which dismissed the complaint as being without merit.  Time and again, you have complained and complained, and now you are complaining about how people respond to your complaints.  Just how did they respond?  Well, basically they said you didn’t have a case.  Then when you lashed out, they asked to you stop.  Then when you wouldn’t stop, they took what action they could to keep you at arm’s length.  Now, after all of these years, most of the UU movement has chosen to ignore you.

“3: The Unitarian Church of Montreal would responsibly acknowlege that the punitive expulsions that I have been subjected to constitute a perversion of justice and would overturn the permanent expulsion that I was unjustly subjected to on November 22nd, 1999. It would also subject those UCM church leaders who are most responsible for these unjust expulsions and/or other negligent and punitive responses to my grievances, such as the false arrests that I have been subjected to, to appropriate disciplinary action.”

So we should forget the fact that your expulsion was the result of a lengthy dispute, where you were suspended twice, only to come back and engage in more disruptive behaviour?  Like dipping your spit-covered fingers in the water communion bowl, then arguing how justified it was?  Or throwing a temper tantrum when you wanted to use office materials without authorisation?  Not to mention constantly picketing the church, harassing its members, and even traveling all over the continent to picket UU events and locations just to draw attention to yourself?  Your outlandish behaviour should be seen as “legitimate”, while the relatively restrained course of action taken by the UCM’s leadership ought to be punished?

“4: Both the Unitarian Church of Montreal and the UUA would open full inquiries into what happened, and fully disclose all pertinent documents and other records and information pertinent to this conflict, towards the end of ensuring that this kind of negligent and complicit response [to] clergy misconduct is not repeated within the U*U ‘religious community.’ “

Wait a minute, Mister Edgar, aren’t you putting the cart before the horse?  We would think that a fair approach would be to “open full inquiries” before pronouncing sentence.  Yet here you are demanding an admission of guilt before the inquiry, because in your mind the accused are already guilty.  No surprise, of course, as it observes your number one rule, that you are never wrong and can never do any wrong.

We have a proposal of our own for Robin Edgar – that an independent committee looks over the entire matter, and the conduct of all parties, and renders a decision with recommendations.  We do not expect Robin Edgar to agree to this, of course, considering how he has constantly and consistently tried to rationalize and justify his own outrageous conduct.  That includes, we should remind our readers, his refusal to accept Reverend Ray Drennan’s apologies, showing that, even when an effort is made to meet his demands, it will never ever be enough for him.