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So Robin, Just What Do You Do on Christmas???

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2009 at 8:01 pm

Since Garrison Keillor’s essay on (“Don’t Mess With Christmas”) many UU bloggers have been responding to his remarks about the carols he heard in one UU church.  Emphasis on the word one – because every UU church and fellowship celebrates this time of year in different ways.  Some celebrate Christmas with Jesus and God played down; others go all out with nativity scenes and carols with “Christ is born” in the lyrics; others prefer Solstice or Yule celebrations.  Apparently Mr Keillor doesn’t get that, and some UUs got upset with him over it.

Needless to say, it was another opportunity for Robin Edgar to lash out at UUs for being “wrong” – and it only makes us wonder, just what does he do on Christmas?  Does he go to a Christian church and celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Does he join the pagans in their Solistice revels? Does he just sit in a dark room like Scrooge, with nobody around him?

Apparently, the only “spiritual practices” he wants to engage in are celebrating total eclipses as the “eye of God”, flaming away on the Web, and picketing the church who felt compelled to throw him out for harassing its members.

Tell us, Robin, do you have any imagination left?  Or have you been reduced to finding excuses to scapegoat and belittle the only religious community who came even close enough to putting up with you?  Hardly sounds spiritual to us.  Certainly not in the spirit of the season.

If you want Christmas for Christians and nothing else, then go to a Christian church.  If all you have to say to us is more bellyaching and name-calling, and you have to resort to quoting celebrity curmudgeons to do it, that says much more about you than it does about us.