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A Robin Edgar Glossary

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One of the biggest problems with trying to read Robin Edgar’s blog posts and comments is his use (or abuse) of language. His writings are riddled with all sorts of repetitive catch phrases coined or appropriated by him, and he often redefines words through the lens of his narcissistic obsessions. This is a guide to many of these, and we invite our readers to offer more examples of ‘Robin-Edgar-speak’

Abuse – any criticism of Robin Edgar by any Unitarian Universalist, however valid or constructive.

Ass, Asshole – a central fixation of Robin Edgar, possibly a symptom of projection

Asterisk – a frequently overused typographical symbol in Robin Edgar’s blog posts and online comments; even though he has shown himself quite capable of using boldface, italics and underlining, he continues to frame words with asterisks as a means of emphasis; considering his repeated commentary that the asterisk resembles a rectal sphincter, this may explain his obsessive overuse (see entry for Ass, Asshole); this in turn may provide meaning to his constantly abbreviating ‘Unitarian Universalist’ as ‘U*U’ (read ‘you asshole, you’); note also his spelling out the word as ‘Ass-To-Risk’

Big Fat U*U – Meaningless attempt at an insult by Robin Edgar towards any and every Unitarian Universalist of whom he disapproves; considering that he has never voiced approval of any Unitarian Universalists, and the incredible amount of repetition in his blog and online comments, an especially meaningless phrase

Censorship – refusing to publish any of Robin Edgar’s comments, regardless of how offensive or irrelevant it may be; even though no effort is made to suppress his use of his own blog (actually several) to publish his views, he considers others’ refusing to let him hijack their blogs and media outlets for his own purposes to be an affront to his rights

Cowardly – anybody who chooses to question or criticize Robin Edgar anonymously, for whatever reason; all too often assumed by him to be a Unitarian Universalist

DIM thinking – a term of art appropriated by Robin Edgar to describe any disagreement with, or questioning of, any of his actions or allegations; if you do not agree with his belief that Unitarian Universalism is riddled with ‘injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’, and that he is justified in doing and saying whatever he wants in response (even when he makes unjust accusations, abusive statements, or behaves exactly as he accuses others of doing), then you are guilty of ‘DIM thinking’

Emerson Avenger – according to Robin Edgar, his ‘online persona’ for engaging in an endless crusade against ‘injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’ within Unitarian Universalism; another way of rationalizing his outlandish statements and behaviour by claiming that he is actually a nice and reasonable person, and that his ‘Emerson Avenger persona’ is merely a ‘form of satire’ in response to Unitarian Universalists refusing to give in to his repeated demands for ‘justice’; the problem is, Unitarian Universalists have so rarely seen him behaving ‘nice’ and ‘reasonable’, making it hard to tell which is the real Robin Edgar and which is an act

Googe hits – justification for Robin Edgar’s belief in his own relevance, importance and self-righteousness

Hypocrisy – label attached to any Unitarian Universalist who does not always listen to, or agree completely with, Robin Edgar

Injustice – failure to punish any Unitarian Universalist who runs afoul of Robin Edgar

Insults – in the mind of Robin Edgar, a perfectly justifiable response to any criticism of his obnoxious, outrageous and offensive behaviour; since he views any such criticism as an insult (see also Abuse), he believes that he is in his rights to lash out at any Unitarian Universalist who disagrees with him, or even refuses to respond to his demands

Justice – Unitarian Universalists giving in to every complaint, demand and grievance of Robin Edgar, no matter how extreme or irrational

Kick in the balls – example of Robin Edgar’s frequent and repetitive use of violent imagery, in this case to exaggerate the importance or relevance of one Unitarian Universalist disagreeing with another, and often coupled with the bizarre claim that such disagreement justifies Robin Edgar’s outrageous behaviour and verbal attacks

Memory hole – final resting place for many of Robin Edgar’s more offensive comments on other people’s blogs (although he is notorious for printing them on his own blog, then accusing the other person of ‘censorship’); appropriated out of context from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

Peaceful public protest – real-time harassment of Unitarian Universalist groups and meetings, involving the use of handmade picket signs with bizarre statements; many times ‘documented’ by having Robin Edgar photograph or videotape himself; most frequent target of this tactic has been the Unitarian Church of Montreal, which terminated his membership after enduring almost two years of obsessive and outrageous conduct; also directed at perceived co-conspirators of ‘U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’, such as Quebec’s Crown Prosecutors for following up on requests filed for restraining orders against him

Some – Apparently a reference to 99.9999 percent of Unitarian Universalists, or particular groups of Unitarian Universalists; Robin Edgar frequently prefaces his attacks on UUs with this word, as if to make the claim that he does not despise all UUs; the problem, of course, is that he has lashed out at so many UUs since the start of his crusade against alleged ‘injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’ that it is virtually impossible to know if he actually approves of any

Victim of U*U clergy misconduct – Robin Edgar; often phrased as ‘ALL victims of U*U clergy misconduct’

And What is Your Solution, Robin Edgar?

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Seems that, whenever Robin Edgar runs out of ideas, he falls into the same tired old habits.  He finds one Google hit, which fits his incredibly narrow, fixated view that ‘UUs are bad’ for whatever reason he can come up with, then whips it into yet another lengthy rant about how – you guessed it – UUs are bad.

This time, he takes a single post, tracks it to two posts where others complain of negative experiences attending UU churches, and offers it as ‘proof’ that Unitarian Universalists are ‘un-welcoming.’

And does he offer any solution to this problem?  No, he doesn’t.  Which does not surprise us in the least.  It’s hard to get Robin Edgar to offer any practical solutions to any of the problems he complains about.  Considering how often he distorts and exaggerates these problems, and in a few cases manufactures them, we don’t see how he could find any such solutions.

Let’s also take a good look at his ‘evidence.’  One of the posts which he copies and pastes is close to three years old; the other is six years old.  For all he knows, the individual churches in question could have taken a good, hard look at themselves and made changes in how they greeted and interacted with newcomers.  Considering how the UUA has been developing programs over the past few years to help congregations address just these issues, you would think that he would look at the whole timeline and see that UUs are working on solutions to the problem.

Nope.  Robin Edgar needs a reason to complain, so why should he care about the facts?  Why should he do anything more than repeat years-old criticism like it’s yesterday’s news?  More important than that, why doesn’t he even bother with coming up with solutions of his own, instead of rehashing the same obsessive gripes?

At the very least, he could try starting his own independent spiritual community, open to all people, and ‘show ’em how its done,’ as they say.  Since he is listed as a contact for the breakaway American Unitarian Conference, why doesn’t he try starting a fellowship under their auspices?

No, Robin Edgar?

Apparently not.  He is too obsessed with accusing UUs of being ‘unwelcoming’ towards him that he is unable to be welcoming himself.

Not to mention the fact that the Unitarian Church of Montreal did welcome him as a member in 1993.  By 1997, his behaviour and demands had gotten so out of hand that the church’s leadership felt they had to suspend that membership for six months.  He responds with even more outrageous behaviour, both at church events and his picketing outside, not to mention his refusal to accept the written apology he demanded from Reverend Ray Drennan, that the UCM’s membership voted to expel him – after letting him give yet another lengthy, angry and almost incoherent defense of his actions (in which he actually compared the Board’s motion with the Spanish Inquisition, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and ‘ethnic cleansing’).

Robin Edgar was welcomed, and like an obnoxious party guest, he wore out his welcome.  He was told to leave, and told why.  But because he cannot accept that, and because the UUA will not punish the Montreal church as he sees fit, he now sees fit to punish all UUs for not conforming to his demands.

Well, Mister Edgar, if you want Unitarian Universalists to even consider your demands – whatever they may be – then we will repeat our condition for such: Go get professional help!  At the very least, you can dispel all the statements you so hate concerning your mental health.  At best, however, you could finally focus on the real problem here.

Goo-Goo for Google Hits

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We’ve remarked about Robin Edgar’s fixation with Google hits.  When he has nothing else to write about, he checks what Google hits he has and reports them as news, even when it’s just a single hit from who-knows-where.

He’s been doing that a considerable amount recently, and one of our readers has speculated as to why…

‘Ever notice how few comments there are on the Emerson Avenger?  Like people gloss over his lengthy rants and just shut it off?’

Perhaps that’s why he’s so ‘Goo-goo’ over Google hits.  It’s another convenient way of manufacturing attention.  ‘See, see, see – all these people looking for bad, bad things about Big Fat U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisies!’  So when one individual does one search which leads to his site, he feels it’s worth posting about on his blog.  Of course, for all he knows, that individual took one look at his site, saw how bitterly it exaggerates and distorts things – and how self-centered his view of the world – and moved on.

Unfortunately, Robin Edgar still has not learned to move on.  He hunts incessantly for anything and everything which could be seen as a black mark on Unitarian Universalism.  He says he does not hate us as a whole … so why has he never ever said anything positive?  Why devote so much time and energy to trying to destroy and discredit an entire religious denomination?

Unitarian Universalism has endured worse attacks for generations.  What is tragic is the harm to individuals – not only those who have become targets of his vicious ad-hominem attacks, but Mister Edgar himself, for wasting so much time and energy on such a destructive course, when he could have done something positive and healthy with his passion and skills.  All we can do is hope and pray that he turns his life around, with the help and guidance he needs to overcome his obsessions and dysfunctions.

And He Insists He’s Not Obsessed…

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Robin Edgar continually insists that he’s not obsessed or fixated with Unitarian Universalists.  No, all those harassing pickets and repetitive online rants are not symptoms of obsession.  No, no, no.  Because then Robin Edgar would be admitting that there just might be something wrong with him.

So how does he explain holding a ‘peaceful public protest’ against his allegations of ‘U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisies’ (read: he does not understand how his deliberately offensive behaviour has caused him to alienate so many Unitarian Universalists and others) at an event which has nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism?

Crown Prosecutors in Quebec recently staged a strike over wages in Montreal, and Robin Edgar thought it a good idea to go over with his picket signs and ‘express legitimate grievances’ to a group of people who not only have no interest in his ‘issue’ but no power whatsoever to help him.

He also referred to it as a ‘photo-op’ – yet a search of Canadian and other media coverage indicates that the only photo of his protest is the one he had taken of himself.  Much like the Google links he constantly creates and then tells others to find, to make him look important.

Talk about desperate for attention!

Oh, but Robin Edgar is not obsessed.  No, no, no, there’s nothing wrong with him.  Or with Fred Phelps picketing the funerals of soldiers because of homosexuality.

Google On The Brain

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Apparently, Robin Edgar can’t get enough of Google.  When he has nothing else to write, he boasts about getting Google hits.  Or, he finds somebody else’s Google search about Unitarian Universalism – but always in a negative light – and announces it to the world.  Or, declare that, since you can’t find anything on Google to prove something about him, then it must be false.

Robin Edgar has Google on the brain.

Picketing a church only gets him the attention of a few hundred individuals, mostly in one city.  Writing angry letters, demanding attention and vindication (and yet denying, or attempting to justify, his own childish behaviour) gets him a little more.  The World Wide Web multiplies that exponentially.  So, if Google can get him more of the attention he so desperately craves, then Robin Edgar will use Google to the max.

Look at how many times in his comments he tells people “Just Google _____”, as “proof” that UUs are so bad, so corrupt, so full of “Big Fat U*U BS”.  If it’s on Google, then it must be true, right?

Except that the bulk of those Google links he loves to point people to were created by Robin Edgar himself.

This is nothing new.  Robin Edgar has rationalized the long-winded and repetitive nature of his writings as an effort to get more Google hits.  Now he believes he can actually manufacture truth by spreading more and more Google links all over the world, all pointing in the same direction – the same mean-spirited, negative direction he has been fixated on for almost two decades now.

And what about all of the Google searches, Google links and Google hits which run contrary to Robin Edgar’s version of truth?  What about all of the other search engines out there, and all of the searches, links and hits on those?

Well, we don’t expect Robin Edgar to listen or change any time soon.  Not until he turns off his computer and takes a good, hard look at himself, at how counterproductive his efforts have been, and at how many people he has hurt along the way.

Robin Edgar and UU Christians

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Many of Robin Edgar’s most recent posts have been a lame attempt to “prove” that Unitarian Universalists are hostile to Christianity.  Not just some UUs to some Christians, but across the board.

The lamest have been announcements that this or that unknown individual was looking on Google (Robin Edgar’s favorite search engine, and apparently the only one he considers worth mentioning) about UUs being “unwelcoming” to Christians, or even “dissing” Christians.

Is Robin Edgar yet again trying to gain sympathy from some corner of Unitarian Universalism?  If so, he’s not doing a very good job of it.  We’ve read better appeals for more inclusion of UU Christians from other bloggers and commenters, both Christian and non-Christian.

Instead of gleefully posting such ridiculous items, why doesn’t he give some constructive advice on how some UU congregations might be more inclusive and diverse?  Why, indeed, doesn’t he give any constructive advice at all?

Because, to do so, Robin Edgar would have to put down the axe that he has been grinding so long, and actually come up with a positive vision, instead of trying to trash anybody and everybody who dares to question him, or even simply ignore him.

If Robin Edgar truly wants to defend UU Christians, he could start by living out the basic tenets of Christianity which so many UU Christians abide by.  Love thine enemies.  Turn the other cheek.  Forgive those who have wronged you.  Or, if all else fails, shake the dust from your shoes and walk way.

What’s With Robin Edgar’s Obsession With Google Hits?

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Once again, Robin Edgar wants us to believe that a Google hit on his “Emerson Avenger” blog, or a Google search on anything negative or critical of Unitarian Universalism, somehow counts as another noteworthy example of “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.”

Unfortunately (for him), all that it does accomplish is reinforce his own narcissism and obsessive fixation.

More and more, Robin Edgar has resorted to Google hit reports to fill in his blog.  No more creative energy left (such as it was)?  No more taking photos and covering them with cheesy insults?

Robin Edgar has has less and less to say over the years, other than the same old rage-filled rants on the same fixations and grudges.  Now all he has left is reporting (and retorting) on other people’s Google searches, without even an attempt to discuss the issue.

It’s clear that he has spent so much time pounding away on a computer keyboard, it has become the central focus of his life.  Worse, he shows few signs of having any life outside of lashing out at UUs from the safety of cyberspace.  Even the frequency of his pickets at the Unitarian Church of Montreal have dwindled.

Of course, Robin Edgar has the opportunity to prove that he indeed has other interests besides this.  But, we doubt very much if he will even bother to do so.