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Google On The Brain

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Apparently, Robin Edgar can’t get enough of Google.  When he has nothing else to write, he boasts about getting Google hits.  Or, he finds somebody else’s Google search about Unitarian Universalism – but always in a negative light – and announces it to the world.  Or, declare that, since you can’t find anything on Google to prove something about him, then it must be false.

Robin Edgar has Google on the brain.

Picketing a church only gets him the attention of a few hundred individuals, mostly in one city.  Writing angry letters, demanding attention and vindication (and yet denying, or attempting to justify, his own childish behaviour) gets him a little more.  The World Wide Web multiplies that exponentially.  So, if Google can get him more of the attention he so desperately craves, then Robin Edgar will use Google to the max.

Look at how many times in his comments he tells people “Just Google _____”, as “proof” that UUs are so bad, so corrupt, so full of “Big Fat U*U BS”.  If it’s on Google, then it must be true, right?

Except that the bulk of those Google links he loves to point people to were created by Robin Edgar himself.

This is nothing new.  Robin Edgar has rationalized the long-winded and repetitive nature of his writings as an effort to get more Google hits.  Now he believes he can actually manufacture truth by spreading more and more Google links all over the world, all pointing in the same direction – the same mean-spirited, negative direction he has been fixated on for almost two decades now.

And what about all of the Google searches, Google links and Google hits which run contrary to Robin Edgar’s version of truth?  What about all of the other search engines out there, and all of the searches, links and hits on those?

Well, we don’t expect Robin Edgar to listen or change any time soon.  Not until he turns off his computer and takes a good, hard look at himself, at how counterproductive his efforts have been, and at how many people he has hurt along the way.