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Goo-Goo for Google Hits

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2011 at 3:39 am

We’ve remarked about Robin Edgar’s fixation with Google hits.  When he has nothing else to write about, he checks what Google hits he has and reports them as news, even when it’s just a single hit from who-knows-where.

He’s been doing that a considerable amount recently, and one of our readers has speculated as to why…

‘Ever notice how few comments there are on the Emerson Avenger?  Like people gloss over his lengthy rants and just shut it off?’

Perhaps that’s why he’s so ‘Goo-goo’ over Google hits.  It’s another convenient way of manufacturing attention.  ‘See, see, see – all these people looking for bad, bad things about Big Fat U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisies!’  So when one individual does one search which leads to his site, he feels it’s worth posting about on his blog.  Of course, for all he knows, that individual took one look at his site, saw how bitterly it exaggerates and distorts things – and how self-centered his view of the world – and moved on.

Unfortunately, Robin Edgar still has not learned to move on.  He hunts incessantly for anything and everything which could be seen as a black mark on Unitarian Universalism.  He says he does not hate us as a whole … so why has he never ever said anything positive?  Why devote so much time and energy to trying to destroy and discredit an entire religious denomination?

Unitarian Universalism has endured worse attacks for generations.  What is tragic is the harm to individuals – not only those who have become targets of his vicious ad-hominem attacks, but Mister Edgar himself, for wasting so much time and energy on such a destructive course, when he could have done something positive and healthy with his passion and skills.  All we can do is hope and pray that he turns his life around, with the help and guidance he needs to overcome his obsessions and dysfunctions.

Robin Edgar: Standing on the Side of His Ego

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2011 at 9:33 am

The UUA’s Standing on the Side of Love campaign speaks to a diversity of issues, from marriage equality to basic human rights for immigrants, to inform and bring together UUs in common cause, and to let the world see that UUs put their compassion to work in the world.

For Robin Edgar, however, all that matters is that his comments get posted.

We have already noted how narcissistic he is.  This is one of the most egregious examples yet.  All of the work that Dan Furmansky and others in SSL and UU congregations across the continent is meaningless to him.  All that matters is that his grudge, his complaints, his criticisms, his self-righteous rants are approved.

Mister Edgar, if all you want is approval, then perhaps you can tell us why, in your own words, you are deliberately offensive and insulting.  Why, if all you want is approval, do you go out of your way to antagonise UUs, as well as so many others who dare to openly criticise, question or disagree with you?

We can only think of two reasons why.  The first is that you really don’t want approval – just attention, even if it’s scorn and ridicule.  The second is that you so believe that you deserve approval, that you simply do not care how many people you offend or hurt along the way.  Either answer fits with your previous egotistical history.