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Robin Edgar’s Deceptions

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 at 11:50 pm

It’s a good thing that one of our team read the ‘spam’ contents more carefully, where this was found:

“Evidence of the use of fake support can be found on his own blog. The long, long comment thread in this post- – is worth reading for multiple reasons, but among them is a long list of fake references and sock puppets Robin has used. Robin quotes Peter Andre Globensky for making comments in his favor and against the UCM; when contacted by email, Mr. Globensky said, “The correct reference would have been ‘Stalinist’ – and no, I did not make that reference. I wish he would stop using my name in vain!”

Farther down, Robin admits- boasts of!- impersonating David Wallace Croft to get around being banned from a blog. Another commenter taunts Robin by using the pseudonym “GodKnowsWho”- because that’s the sock puppet Robin created to support his own comments on the old “Beliefnet” forums (which he admits a couple comments down); he has used “GoddessKnowsWho” on Pagan forums. He has also posted as “Philocritic”, hoping to be confused with the popular “Philocrites”- UU World Editor Chris Walton. All these examples are from a single comment thread in a single post on his own blog; there are others to be found. He defends his deception, as he defends all his excesses, by claiming necessity… the last refuge of the scoundrel, in my book.”

Yet another reason to look upon Mister Edgar’s claims with more than just a grain of salt.  Yet more proof that, in order to bolster his obsessive need for approval, he will even go so far as to manufacture evidence – and is not even ashamed to admit it!