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Robin Edgar and the Knoxville Shooting

In Uncategorized on January 3, 2010 at 8:27 pm

One of our readers sent us the following observation:

“Consider also how RE responded to the shootings at the Tennessee Valley UU Church.  He was silent for over six months, only to respond by quoting the allegation from the attacker’s letter that UU’s hated him and all conservatives. His only condemnation of the attack was more like an afterthought, as if to say ‘yeah, shooting people is wrong but they provoked him.'”

All this while the UUA sent trauma counselors to minister to TVUUC, and other UUs mourned and grieved and sent their own condolence and prayers.  We have searched on the web since we got this, and we can’t find anything to contradict it.

Robin Edgar keeps saying he doesn’t hate UUs, he’s just against the “bad” ones.  If this is the only way he could respond to such a tragedy, then we have to wonder if he has any feelings for UUs, other than contempt.