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Faith and Begorrah

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2011 at 4:02 am

So why would Robin Edgar try to appropriate Saint Patrick’s Day in a feeble attempt to draw attention to himself?

Perhaps to show disapproval at the leaders of the UUA’s ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ campaign using Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of the need for compassion in such issues as same-sex marriage and immigrant rights.

Then again, we have seen Robin Edgar find even the flimsiest excuse to go off on yet another rant.  This one has half a dozen of his signature ‘Big Fat U*U’ perseveration, and five accusations of UUs being ‘anti-‘ something.

Not to mention more snide name-calling and insistence that this is all ‘satire.’  Forget that it serves no constructive purpose whatsoever.  Robin Edgar is constantly rationalizing and excusing his outlandish behaviour, his endless lashing out, his berating and insulting even those who have (and want) nothing to do with him.

Robin Edgar talks about ‘getting his Irish up’ and ‘opening a can of whup-ass’, and then declaring that he’s not talking literally.  Most likely, he is not being literal in his use of violent phraseology … yet.  But for somebody who has carried this much rage for this long, it is only a matter of time before he loses control completely and explodes, rationalizing further that the only way for him to get the attention his narcissism demands is to do real damage to those he has continually demeaned and devalued while hypocritically attempting to put himself on the pedestal of judging UUs for not meeting some unrealistic idealized standard of perfection.

We would agree that UUs are not perfect.  We are all, after all, human beings and not angels.  But there is a difference between indignation towards the wrongs of the world, and blind consuming rage which does nothing but denigrate the targets of one’s obsession.


Robin Edgar: Standing on the Side of His Ego

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The UUA’s Standing on the Side of Love campaign speaks to a diversity of issues, from marriage equality to basic human rights for immigrants, to inform and bring together UUs in common cause, and to let the world see that UUs put their compassion to work in the world.

For Robin Edgar, however, all that matters is that his comments get posted.

We have already noted how narcissistic he is.  This is one of the most egregious examples yet.  All of the work that Dan Furmansky and others in SSL and UU congregations across the continent is meaningless to him.  All that matters is that his grudge, his complaints, his criticisms, his self-righteous rants are approved.

Mister Edgar, if all you want is approval, then perhaps you can tell us why, in your own words, you are deliberately offensive and insulting.  Why, if all you want is approval, do you go out of your way to antagonise UUs, as well as so many others who dare to openly criticise, question or disagree with you?

We can only think of two reasons why.  The first is that you really don’t want approval – just attention, even if it’s scorn and ridicule.  The second is that you so believe that you deserve approval, that you simply do not care how many people you offend or hurt along the way.  Either answer fits with your previous egotistical history.

Robin Edgar’s Latest Target

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2010 at 6:41 am

As far as we can tell, Dan Furmansky has never done anything to Robin Edgar.  Apparently, that’s not good enough for the self-proclaimed “Emerson Avenger.”

Furmansky, current manager of the UUA’s Standing on the Side of Love Campaign, is now the latest recipient of “the Robin Edgar Treatment”, which goes something like this…

First, Robin Edgar reads something you have written online.  Sounds innocent enough, except that Robin Edgar seems unable to read anything regarding Unitarian Universalism without looking for an excuse to lash out at Unitarian Universalists.  So when Furmansky calls for supporting religious freedom for Muslims in the United States, Robin Edgar then sends a post to the Campaign’s blog, accusing UUA President Peter Morales of being anti-Muslim.

Obviously, Robin Edgar does not understand what tolerance actually means.  Morales and other UUs may disagree with the tenets of Islam, or any other religious position, yet still uphold the right of people who hold to those views to worship and live freely in a free society.  That is tolerance, and that is the philosophy behind the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign’s support for the Cordoba House project, and for President Obama’s defense of religious freedom for all Americans.

Of course, it won’t end there.  No doubt Furmansky will choose not to publish Robin Edgar’s comment, as is his right as blogsite moderator.  The likely reaction will be to accuse Furmansky of “censorship” for doing so, not to mention joining in some vast UU conspiracy against him personally.  Remember, if you are not with Robin Edgar all the way, then you must be against him, and since those against him are guilty of “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy”, then you must be, too.

We are sure that Dan Furmansky has better things to do than worry about the ravings of this man.  So we encourage him to do what he feels is best as both campaign manager and blog moderator.

Besides, as we have said before, there is no way to win with Robin Edgar.  Question him, and he attacks you.  Ignore him, and he still attacks you.  Try to help him, and sooner or later he goes after you for not supporting him enough.

So, carry on, Dan.  Do what is right.  Just be careful if you ever decide to visit Montreal.

Robin Edgar’s Manic Panic

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It’s getting hard to keep up with Robin Edgar.  After his summer hiatus, where his sparse blog posts consisted of noting a Google hit here or there (important to him, yet we still fail to see how it matters), he seems to feel the need to pound out post after post on “The Emerson Avenger” as if to make up for lost time.  Or, let loose all his pent-up rage.

He’s accusing one UU blogger of plagiarism for using a rather well-worn phrase.  Not to mention lashing out at the “Standing on the Side of Love” campaign for allegedly refusing “to stand on the side of love for ALL victims of U*U clergy misconduct” (namely, him); because of this “refusal” he has deemed it fit, once again, to accuse the UUA  to be supporting clergy misconduct.

Robin Edgar just does not get it.  This is not about refusing to address clergy misconduct.  This is about refusing to waste time with a one man’s histrionic and self-centred need to be at the centre of attention.

We don’t expect Robin Edgar to get the hint any time soon.  We would hope, however, that UUs get the hint that nothing they do will placate this man.  They need to stop giving him a forum, and stop responding to him.  Keep an eye on him, yes.  Absolutely!  There is no telling when this individual will cross the line and decide that his abusive and over-the-top verbiage will not be enough, and he will feel the need to take “direct action” of an even more destructive nature.