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The Naivete of UUA Trustee Linda Laskowski

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Previously we related Robin Edgar’s latest claim that his insulting and outrageous behavior is really a ‘caricature persona’, that he is really a “restrained’ guy.  We in turn raised the question of why anybody would embrace so obviously self-defeating a strategy.

With the recent blog posts of Linda Laskowski, UUA Trustee for the Pacific Coast District, another question comes to mind.  Maybe the ‘restrained’ Robin Edgar is the act, deliberately cultivated to dupe naive individuals like Ms Laskowski to speaking positively about his ‘single minded pursuit of justice.’

We’re distressed enough to hear that an elected representative on the UUA’s national board has seen fit to lend credence to such a malicious and destructive individual.  Yet it gets worse.  We have read from others that Ms Laskowski has refused to approve any comments which criticize her position.

We would strongly encourage concerned UUs to email her directly at  Let her know just what kind of a man Robin Edgar really is, not the ‘respectful’ facade she has so easily fallen for.