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Montreal Unitarian Beware…

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It is typical of malignant narcissists to play a warped game of tit-for-tat.  When those around him talk about something else, he cries, ‘What about me?’ When they try to point out his own antisocial behaviour, he points an accusing finger and snarls, ‘What about her?’

Such is the course of Robin Edgar.  When asked if he would pleadge not to use physical violence against Unitarian Universalists, he not only refuses to give a straightforward answer, but once again picks on somebody else.  In this case, it is Reverend Victoria Weinstein.

Again, he harps on a post she made, and later deleted.  Mister Edgar, you are the one obsessed with anal impalements, not to mention connecting so many other things with the human rectum.  Reverend Weinstein has moved on, and you are still unable to.

He also repeats his diatribe about an incident remarked about in 2005.  We also commented on this ten months ago, and we made it clear that we did not condone such behaviour.  Not enough for Robin Edgar, because when confronted with his own irrational and spiteful antics, he needs somebody else to point to as a distraction. ‘What about her?’

If that were not enough, he accuses unnamed members of the Montreal church of physically assaulting him.  Really, sir?  Then why no mention of any criminal complaints filed by you against these individuals?  Where is your evidence?  Where are your witnesses?

But let us return to the point, Mister Edgar – your behaviour.  You have been harassing, attacking, stalking, insulting, offending and generally acting like that part of the human anatomy you so love to point out, for almost two decades now.  You have widened your circle of targets, spewing venom and bile at any and all UUs who refuse to join your endless crusade.  Like other obsessed stalkers before you who have done likewise, either at the lady who spurned them, or the employer who fired or refused to hire them, yours is a clear pattern of escalation.

First you expect to trust that you will not be violent because you have not yet been violent.  Again, let’s point out the danger of escalation, where the offending behaviour only gets worse and worse as the obsessed stalker decides he has to ‘take it up a notch’ to get what he wants (and, in his warped view of things, somehow deserves).  During the time you were a member of the Montreal church, you were asked to abide by certain covenants, and then violated those covenants.  So how can you be trusted now?

Worse yet, Robin Edgar claims the right to what he calls ‘legitimate self-defense.’  Well, we have seen what he considers to be ‘legitmate’ in terms of grievances and complaints – simply another excuse for him to pick a fight, denigrate somebody else, and draw attention to himself.  We would hate to see what somebody so self-centered would regard as ‘self-defense.’

We would hate to see the Montreal church needing to become a fortress.  But it is clear that Robin Edgar cannot be trusted to remain nonviolent, considering the violence of the words and imagery he chooses to use, and the examples he cites (exaggerated and distorted as they are) to rationalize and justify his already outrageous behaviour.

Members and friends of the Unitarian Church of Montreal – please be careful!  The potential danger of this man should not be underestimated.  Do whatever you can within the bounds of law and reason to keep Robin Edgar at bay.

Guilt By Association, Robin Edgar Style

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It’s not enough for Robin Edgar to go out of his way to insult and offend any and every UU who does not fulfill his egocentric need for attention and retribution.  (Remember, dear readers, he admits that such behaviour is deliberate on his part.)  Now he has to insinuate that all UU leaders are complicit in any and every action of which he disapproves.

His latest target: The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Why?  Well, let’s see…

He thinks Reverend Victoria Weinstein should be punished for certain statements made on her “Peacebang” blog, including statements which she herself removed.  If the Board does not agree, then the Board is complicit and therefore guilty.

He thinks that one or more UU ministers are behind this blog, and even though he has absolutely no proof of that, since the Board will not take action against us, then they are complicit and therefore guilty.

He continues to harp that Reverend Ray Drennan was verbally and psychologically abusive towards him, and therefore must be punished – even though he has been retired from active ministry for many, many years – and since the Board will not compel the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee to reopen the case simply because he demands it, then they are complicit and therefore guilty.

The list of “offenders” goes on and on – basically any UU who has the intelligence and fortitude to tell this man, ‘No, you cannot have your way simply because you believe you’re right about everything’ – and because the Board will not do as he demands (yes, he specifically told the Board in his latest communication that he demands that they act on his lengthy list of complaints) then they are just as guilty.

It’s like filing a lawsuit against your neighbor, and then when the judge determines there is no evidence and therefore no case, then you sue the judge for ‘complicity’ with the neighbor.  Worse, you sue anybody and everybody who had even the most remote association with the neighbor and the judge, all to bully them into giving you what you want.

One question, Mister Edgar – Are you even a member of any Unitarian Universalist congregation?  You could have joined the Lakeshore UU Congregation in the Montreal area, or the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  No?  So why do you keep complaining that the UUA, CUC and other UU bodies will not do as you say?  If you are not a member, then what standing do you have to demand such things of the Board?  Oh, that’s right – you were a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal … until they got fed up with your disruptive, abusive and obsessive antics, and after suspending your membership twice, finally decided enough was enough and showed you the door.  And what have you done since then?  Picket in front of that door, and demand that anybody who might hear you join in your rage-filled drive for ‘justice’.

All of this was based because, as you say, the former minister of the Montreal church alleged that you might be mentally ill.  So let’s put that to rest once and for all.  Go to a qualified and impartial psychiatrist, and let him or her evaluate you.  If, as you say, there is nothing to this allegation, then what are you afraid of?

Robin Edgar’s Obsessive Hatred of UU Ministers

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Season’s Greetings to our readership! Now that we have had time to review the latest rants on ‘The Emerson Avenger’, our thoughts.

Robin Edgar has quite a bit of venom reserved for ordained UU ministers, what with his latest round of giving ‘virtual lumps of coal’ to his usual list of ‘suspect’ ministers. Worse, as is typical with his being so very stuck in the past, his complaints are years old. Even Old Saint Nick is more forgiving, as he only gives you coal if you have been ‘naughty’ during the past year.

Reverend Cynthia Cain is the recipient of his wrath for a blog post about US Republican Party screeds which she wrote in September of 2008. Anybody with common sense reading this can figure out she is opining about the lack of civility amongst leading GOP figures during that election year. Unfortunately, Robin Edgar is incapable of thinking beyond a simplistic ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset, so he sees criticism of the actions of some as condemnation of all, which in his mind amounts to ‘Big Fat U*U hypocrisy’ – a crime which, keeping with his histrionic approach, can never be forgiven, and must always be avenged punished.

Reverend Victoria Weinstein has received particular attention on ‘The Emerson Avenger’, especially for a post from March of 2006 in which she lashed out against a US Senator with admittedly tasteless remarks.  Then she took the blog post down.  Not good enough for Robin Edgar, who deems that he shall haunt her with obsessively repetitive posts about this for years to come – literally!

Reverend John Buhrens in our opinion should consider his ‘lump of coal’ a badge of honour.  Robin Edgar bestowed it upon him for his letter from – get this, friends – May of 1996, in which the then President of the UUA rightly criticizes Mister Edgar for trying to use the Candles of Joy and Concerns as a platform for lashing out at the Unitarian Church of Montreal and their minister, and then attempting to pass out yet more copies of his incredibly lengthy letter of complaint.  Reverend Buhrens, if you are reading this, we salute you.  Please feel free to use Robin Edgar’s dubious ‘gift’ to keep yourself warm.

Last but not least, Robin Edgar once again rehashes his allegations that Reverend Ray Drennan, now long since retired, labelled him a psychotic. Well, whether Reverend Drennan or anybody else at the Unitarian Church of Montreal called you crazy, Mister Edgar, we would think that the least appropriate response would be to behave in such a manner as to confirm such an accusation. Instead, you have not only behaved in such a fixated and inappropriate manner lo these many years, but by your own admission you have done so in order to deliberately offend and irritate people. Is it that you are so desperate for attention, Mister Edgar, or that you have no idea of how to behave in such circumstances? Either way, if anybody is deserving of lumps of coal, it is the self-confessed ‘not-nice’ author of ‘The Emerson Avenger’ blog, for his immature and outrageous conduct year after year after year.

Time Out, Robin

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The latest post on ‘The Emerson Avenger’ shows just how obsessed and self-centered Robin Edgar truly is.

Reverend Priscilla Jenkins had posted a comment expressing her frustration with how political discourse in the United States had stooped to an all-time low.

And Robin Edgar’s take? He believes Jenkins is directing her comments specifically at the UU blogger Peacebang.

Dear Robin Edgar – This may come as a shock to you but it’s not all about you or the UU ministers you love to hate.