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Our Advice to the Unitarian Church of Montreal

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Once again, Robin Edgar gloats and rants about his latest antics in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, this time picketing them during an annual fundraiser.  When a woman complained to police that he had shoved her, he naturally calls her a “big fat U*U liar”, just as he has accused so many against whom he lashes out of always lying — because, after all, Robin Edgar is never ever wrong, and how dare anybody question him!

We have stated before that it is high time that the criminal nature of Mister Edgar’s continual obsessive harassment should not only be seen for what it is, but that he be held to account for it once and for all.

Section 264 of the Criminal Code of Canada specifies penalties for criminal harassment of the sort which this man has been getting away with for far, far too long.

It is time for the member of UCM to stop waiting for him to picket in order to call a complaint, as it is clear that the police are not taking such complaints seriously.

Instead, we recommend that Reverend Diane Rollert and the Board of UCM collect all evidence of his continual stalking and harassing of the Montreal church, and bring it to the Montreal police in order to file a formal charge that Robin Edgar has knowingly and wilfully violated Section 264 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Mister Edgar can yell “freedom of speech” and “peaceful protest” all that he wants, but any reasonable person who sees the depths to which this man has gone to attack the members and staff of UCM — even lashing out with personal attacks and obscene insults — should be able to see that the totality of his actions have crossed the line.  This is not a man interested in reasonable debate or reconciliation, any more than a stalker doing this to a woman who wants nothing to do with him.

At the very least, the church needs to file for yet another restraining order, if only to provide some short-term relief.  But the only way we can see this ending once and for all is if this self-centered bully is compelled by force of law to refrain from this outrageous behaviour.

The Montreal police need to see his actions in total, not just hear individual complaints whenever he pickets.  While they are at it, we suggest that examples of his cyber-harassment be included into the mix.  That should reveal the true mindset of Robin Edgar to the police.

Meltdown on the Emerson Avenger

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Robin Edgar has frequently talked about ‘upping the ante’ whenever things do not go their way.  Now he has followed through.

In response to our latest post, emphasising how his continued and obsessive harassment of the Unitarian Church of Montreal is tantamount to criminal stalking, he has seen fit to post not one but three posts which pathetically mock our own.

Even more pathetically, he could not even come up with three relevant topics.  He had to use the same ‘issue’ for two of the posts.

Mister Edgar: We have said it before, and still you do not comprehend, but we shall repeat it.  Yes, it is horrible that a man murders his wife, and once justly convicted, he should go to jail.  But this has nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism.  If the couple were Catholic or Anglican, how would it reflect on those churches?  So how is this supposed to be relevant to the Emerson Avenger mission of ‘exposing U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy’?

Nor have you even addressed the question we posed.  If you were picketing the home of an ex-girlfriend, harassing everybody who was acquainted with her, demanding some sort of ‘redress’ for her telling you that she wanted nothing to do with you, that would be considered criminal stalking.  Here you are, engaging in the exact same behaviour by obsessively harassing the members and staff of a church who told you they want nothing more to do with you, not to mention harassing every organisation and indivdual under the umbrella of Unitarian Universalism, yet because you call it a ‘protest’ you believe you should not be held accountable for such outrageous behaviour.

Perhaps somebody should find where you live and work, picket you continually, then go write incredibly long letters of complaint to your parents and demand that they take action on their behalf (after all, they were responsible for raising you and for teaching you how to behave towards other human beings).  Then, when you charge that person with harassment and stalking and whatever else comes to your mind, that individual can lay claim to the same right of ‘free expression’ which you continually exploit as justification for years and years and years of rage-filled, monomanaical lashing out.

Robin Edgar, if you want to waste your time and energy and life whining and complaining about the Unitarian Church of Montreal, then blog away.  But when you complain that your mental stability was called into question, and then behave in such a way that you lead so many people – and not just Unitarian Universalists – to rightly question your mental stability, you are only proving their point.

If your only way you can respond to criticism is to throw yet another online temper-tantrum, complete with throwing insults and unimaginative mockery, you are serving our purpose more than yours.  We can only hope that this is as far as your escalation gets.

If Robin Edgar Were Doing This to an Ex-Girlfriend…

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We do not mean for a few hours or a night.  His actions would be seen as stalking and criminal harassment, and he would have been sentenced to prison and ordered to end all contact with his victim.

It is time for the police of Montreal to see Mister Edgar’s actions for the harassment and denigrating abuse which they really are.  The whole point of his “protests” is for the Unitarian Church of Montreal to bow down and say they were totally wrong for removing him from their membership rolls, after two suspensions and numerous attempts to deal with him on a rational basis.

Then what, Robin?  Do you really think the members of UCM would take you back in?  Do you think they want to run the risk of more outrageous and disruptive behaviour on your part?  Would you want to be in the same room with somebody who handles disagreements by writing 24-page letters demanding that everybody else cave in to every single request which you make under the sun (eclipsed or not)?  Would you want to sit in church next to somebody who constantly called you an ‘idiotic moron’ and ‘asshat’ amongst other insults.  Would you even feel safe around somebody who constantly threatened ‘retaliation’ for not letting them have what they want every single time they asked for it?

If a man behaved this way towards a romantic interest, and she rightly filed criminal complaints against him, there would be no question that his behaviour would fall outside the bounds of ‘protected speech’.  It would be seen for the menacing, irrational and abusive harassment that it is, and the authorities would have put a stop to it.

This has been going on for far too long.  It is time for the Unitarian Church of Montreal to act in the same manner as a woman being stalked by a disturbed acquaintance.  Explore all legal options, and file the requisite complaints.  Once that is done, it is time that the Montreal police do their duty, not coddle to this so-called ‘gentilhomme’.  Mister Edgar can act very charming when he wants to.  The problem is that obviously those moments are all too rare.

Montreal police: You would not let somebody who stalked a woman sweet-talk you into walking away from engaging in an act of public harassment.  Don’t fall for his tricks again!

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right. Three Is Even Worse.

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We’ve made our disapproval of Robin Edgar’s immature and obsessive antics, especially his stalking and harassment of the Unitarian Church of Montreal under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’.

That does not mean we condone illegal actions in response.  Whoever is responsible for stealing his signage has done no service to the victims of his constant lashing out.  Stealing is wrong, even when you are stealing from a childish bully.

That being said, it is also wrong to impugn that the thief must be a ‘just plain dim thinking aka stupid aka idiotic aka moronic aka imbecilic, U*U Partners In Crime’.

So where is your evidence, Mister Edgar?  Did you actually see anybody take the signage in question?  Did you see the signage in the alleged ‘getaway car’?  Do you really believe that, because said car had Ottowa plates, the alleged thieves must be from a UU congregation in that province?  Surprising that you frequently videotapes and photographs people as part of your continual campaign of harassment and intimidation cannot produce a single image to substantiate your allegations.  May we remind you of your prior history of such faulty and false accusations?  Not that it would do any good.

No, Mister Edgar, we are not so ‘dim thinking’ as you would think, that we would condone theft in response to your ridiculous and unproductive behaviour.  We’re also not going to rush to point fingers, unless somebody can produce real evidence.  That is what a free and responsible search for meaning and truth is all about.

To the Unitarian Church of Montreal

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CORRECTION: It turns out that a UCM member did indeed call Montreal police.  They dispatched a patrol, which quickly walked away.  As we comment below, we wonder why the police would advise the church to contact them whenever he pickets, only to refuse to take action.

In response to our last post, a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal had informed us that Montreal Police advised the church to contact them the next time Robin Edgar picketed them again.

Here is our question to the minister and leaders of UCM: Why didn’t you?

Robin Edgar reported picketing the church once again, this time while the CUC Eastern Region was meeting there.  Did the church leadership, or conference organizers, contact the police as they had been advised to do?  We would think that Mister Edgar would report if they did, but he gives no account of it in his rage-filled and insult riddled rant.

If the UCM, and other targets of Robin Edgar’s bile, truly wish to put an end to his harassment and bullying, then it is time they hold him to account.  If the police advise to call when he pickets, then do so, and do it every single time.  Bullies do not stop bullying unless they are shown consistently that their actions will have negative consequences.

The UCM has legal recourse to deal with this man, who has himself often threatened to ‘play hardball’.  It is high time the targets of his angry obsessive harassment responded in kind, and use whatever means they have at their disposal to hold him to account – including having him held in a jail cell.