From the Boston Area: “He’s a Laughingstock”

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2011 at 1:47 am

We received this comment recently from a reader in the Boston area:

I found your site after hearing about “The Emerson Avenger” from some guys at a cafe. We were all using laptops and pads through the cafe’s free WiFi, and they were all laughing at something. One of them, a friend of mine from school, showed me the website. When they first stumbled on it, they were confused how some of his posts could be even remotely related to his campaign against “injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.” They asked him why, and his response was unbelievable – insulting, presumptuous, and then a second post boasting about getting the last word. So another guy posted a response, and the blogger went on another rant. He is definitely obsessed and unhinged, thinking anyone who questions or criticizes him MUST be a “U*U” and an idiot. I feel so sorry for this guy, he’s wasted so much of his time and life on this, and what has he got to show for it. He’s a laughinstock, that’s all he’s succeeded in doing. None of the guys in the cafe are Unitarians (neither am I) or even interested in religion, but they just find his blog so ridiculous and wacked out. I can see why you’ve written this blog in response, because he needs to learn – if he ever can – that he’s not accomplishing a damned thing, he’s just proving the people who call him a nut that they’re right. It’s so pitiful, really.

How sadly true. Not much we can improve on this.

  1. Well this seems to have shut him up! He has not posted anything new since Aug 24

  2. Hard to tell with him. Robin Edgar goes in cycles with manic multiple posts, followed by periods of silence.

  3. This may suggest that he is actually a benefit to Unitarian Universalism – anything that has someone so clearly whacked out and unhinged ranting about it must have something going for it.

  4. Tell that to the scores of individuals he has harassed and lashed out against over the years.

  5. He’s been very busy commenting on Huffington Post artcles, making every story a springboard for “U*U abuse”. Whenever it looks like he’s stopped posting, it means that he’s found another venue that hasn’t banned him yet. He’s posted on newspapers online from Scotland to Cairo to Hong Kong.

  6. How desperate, and how sad. What a waste!

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